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Dropbox Is Adding To Its Changing Workforce

Dropbox is currently hiring for a number of positions.
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In a fast-paced world, it can be hard to get organized. For many, Dropbox's products help them with those efforts. But have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes at Dropbox? Perhaps even considered working there?

How Dropbox Wants To Change The Workforce

Dropbox employees collaborate together on a project.

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Dropbox is a file-hosting service and its online platform allows users to upload and transfer their files to personal cloud storage that they can access and share from anywhere with an account.

When Dropbox started in 2007, the company's mission was to give people a simpler way to keep files in sync. Through the years, the company's focus has shifted slightly and today its mission is to build the world's first smart workforce by designing products that reduce busywork and allow its users to focus on work that matters.

For Dropbox, creating a smart workforce means eliminating the need for teams to switch between platforms, apps, and content types, and creating one central digital environment that brings all of their content together for collaboration.

As one can imagine, creating a smart workforce in an environment that's constantly changing can come with its challenges, and while Dropbox's workforce is over 2,000 employees deep, the company is usually on the lookout for more talent that can help it accomplish its mission.

What Dropbox Is Looking For In An Employee


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Dropbox is a global workforce with hundreds of remote jobs available.

Career opportunities at Dropbox are broken down into the following teams:

  • Building a product - design, engineering, and product
  • Grow a business - business strategy & operations, communications, finance, legal, marketing, business development team, sales & channel, and customer experience
  • Empower people - administrative team, office, and recruiting & people
  • Start a career - university graduates & interns

4 Things To Know About Dropbox

Dropbox employees work on virtual teams as part of the company's virtual first approach.

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Dropbox is a virtual-first company.

Anyone who has taken a virtual tour of Dropbox's San Francisco office space knows that Dropbox puts a great emphasis on creative workspaces where co-workers can collaborate, so shifting to a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly a culture shift for the company.

But despite some challenges along the way, Dropbox continued to deliver on its mission during the shift to remote work, and a majority of employees enjoyed the shift and felt more focused.

Understanding that the workforce is changing, Dropbox decided to become a virtual-first company. This means that remote work will be the primary experience for all employees, while the company works on strategies for future in-person collaboration and team gathering either through the company's existing offices or other collaborative spaces that will be called Dropbox Studios and be located where Dropbox currently has offices (San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and Dublin to start).

The company admits that building a virtual-first company is an ongoing process that will have many steps along the way.

Dropbox is committed to veterans and others with diverse backgrounds.

Dropbox is an equal opportunity employer that welcomes employees from all kinds of backgrounds.

One particular area of growth is employees with past military experience. In late 2020, the company launched a recruitment program targeted at career opportunities for veterans. The company also identified specific roles for which veteran applicants would be especially well-qualified. The focus on recruiting veterans was spearheaded by the company's employee resource group (ERG) Vets at Dropbox.

"At Dropbox, we're always looking to hire talented people with integrity and grit — characteristics core to military veterans. It's important to Dropbox that we're intentional about building an inclusive culture, and we should all care about ensuring our veterans go on to great careers after their service," Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston said in a statement on the company's website.

While veterans are a recent example, the company has other ERGs focused on similar initiatives to diversify Dropbox's workforce. Those groups include Asians at Dropbox, BlackDropboxers, Latinx, Pridebox (LGBTQ), Women at Dropbox, ATX Diversity, and the Dropbox Empowerment Network.

Dropbox is hopeful that the shift to a virtual-first workplace will only enhance these efforts.

Dropbox's benefits and perks are focused on employee well-being.

Dropbox offers competitive medical, dental, vision, life, and disability plans, and 401(k) matching, but is also aware that some employees' needs are different than others. Since the workforce is now remote, the company is focused on offering wellness challenges and other activities to help keeps its workforce fit and connected. The company also offers a wellness reimbursement that can be used towards expenses such as gym memberships, massages, fitness equipment, and more.

The company also provides employees with options for assistance in setting up their home offices, along with generous time-off policies.

Dropbox provides a world of knowledge.

Whether you're a Dropbox employee, a potential employee, or just an avid Dropbox user, the company's blog is a great place to gain insights into the changing workplace, professional growth, company culture, and industry trends. The blog includes posts from Dropbox employees and guests.

Dropbox's blog currently has a lot of content around remote work and remote work practices, including Dropbox's Virtual First Toolkit, a guide to help its employees with the shift to remote work.

The Dropbox blog is not only a great resource for its own employees but for anyone.

Career Opportunities At Dropbox

Dropbox onboards a new batch of employees.

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If you're interested in working at Dropbox, visit the company's careers page to learn more.

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