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Once you’ve passed your real estate course and acquired your real estate license, you can't switch gears because more work is yet to come. Finding success as a young realtor really puts all of the skills you’ve learned through trial and error to the test. Unlike repetitive careers that don’t undergo constant change, real estate agents are faced with constant innovative challenges. From basic steps to learning how to keep up with change, challenge is all in the name of success. Here are a few tips to help you cope, strive, conquer, and succeed:

Choosing Where To Work

Credibility is always first. Look into the companies that have had great success and market presence. This will only assure you that you will have the opportunity to sell, simply because your companies brand will drive in clients. An ideal environment will also include a managing broker that is efficient. One who advocates sales, prospecting, technology, and transaction training. Persistently educating yourself and fashioning your skills through training is the best way to stay fresh and professional. In addition, when choosing where to work, you want to be considerate of the amount of companies in your area. The more companies the better, for security reasons. If the market tends to turn and downsizing occurs you want to have other positions available. If there are only a few companies in your area, the odds are lowered that you will be able to find another job in your location. Therefore, relocation might be a set back and a last resort.

Working With People

Real estate is all about matching homes to personalities. In order to understand this dynamic, you have to understand your clients. Find out their likes, dislikes, and their needs and show that you appreciate their criteria by accommodating them while communicating that you comprehend them. There are many other things to consider when you are reading your clients, time management takes its toll in this area as well. A beautiful home will attract many people who will want time with you and the home. However, your time is precious, so you must be on top of sorting out clients whom are leaning more towards browsing and not buying. Many times, you may have to withdraw from working with individuals whom you realized are not entirely interested in investing in the home.


A full-time commitment is necessary for success. From learning to applying, you have to give it 110%. This means regularly visiting real estate blog and official industry associations to stay informed. Realtors do more than sell homes they connect with every aspect of homes so you want to keep up with the latest technology and the terms. Become familiar with architecture and agriculture so that you can host a showing with full confidence. As a young realtor, you are building your brand, so you always want to have a full schedule. When you are not speaking with clients, you should be committed to training or marketing. It is a tireless career that has many benefits that include: money, long-term relationships, knowledge, and more. Enjoy this article? Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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