The 6-Month Job Search Myth

The 6-Month Job Search Myth
Did you know that the typical job search takes six months? Depending on who you ask, it might take considerably longer. Some experts even believe that it takes one month for every $10,000 you bring home. So, in theory, if you want to earn $60,000 annually you should set aside six months to find your next role. That's a lot of time. Related:Why Job Search Reminds Me Of Freshman Year Of College There is no output without input, but six months is a long time to wait. Particularly when you're balancing work, family, friends, finances, and other commitments, rarely do you have the time to do something else. Somehow you do what needs to be done because where there's a will there's a way. So, at night, on weekends, and maybe during the down-time at your current job, you hunt. We are motivated by returns on our investment. Problems arise when the fruits of our labor are not realized quick enough. We lose steam. After months of job searching, we give up and we're right where we started. Frustration and burnout are the casualties of typical job searches. Lucky for you, there's no reason why finding a job has to take six months. Sure, anything worth having is worth the wait but why stick around when you can act. In fact, you can get the ball rolling and make considerable progress in just one week.

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