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How To Ace An Assessment Test

How To Ace An Assessment Test

How important are career assessment tests that you encounter in interviews?

The Answer

They cost companies quite a bit of money and time, so they're very important. Some companies give managers the right to hire someone even if they don't do well on an assessment, but many others do not. How To Ace An Assessment Test Don't try to game them, because businesses will notice your inauthentic behavior. Some assessments are highly customized, because the employer is looking for a specific profile of a person to do the job. You don't know exactly what they want, so just answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

The Best Choice

Don't interview with a company or take a test they hand you until you've networked with a handful of people that work there. If those people have gone through the application process successfully, they'll be able to tell you pretty clearly what it takes to pass the test and work well at that company. Your answers for any assessment will be much more informed that way, because you will know what the company needs to hear. If you stay true to yourself but adapt how you say things according to their expectations (which you learn about from networking), you'll be in a favorable position compared to many of the other applicants for the job. If you don't know what's coming in an assessment test, the element of surprise can throw you off. Since it's so important to make a great impression with each and every person in the company you interact with, it's easy to see how reducing the unknown can help you keep your cool.

The Skinny

Once you know how the tests are used, what material is on them and how to react, you'll be as calm as anyone else in the interview as one of the front-runners. As always, do your homework and talk to people to get ahead. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: