Top 5 Tips To Guide You Through The Application Process

Top 5 Tips To Guide You Through The Application Process

Getting a job isn’t as simple as it once was; the application process can be a long, drawn out procedure that requires a lot of investment on your part. From creating the perfect CV, to the dreaded interview, it’s never going to be quick and simple. So, when it comes to your ideal job, it really does pay to invest your time into every step. Related:5 Biggest Job Application Mistakes Check out these top five tips to guide you through the application process.

The CV

Think of your CV as a sales pitch; it is there to sell you, your abilities and your achievements. Make sure it is typo free, tailored to the job application, unique, clear and clutter free. The last thing the hiring manager wants to see is a 5-page generalized CV full of irrelevant information and your entire employment history. This will likely turn off most employers and seriously reduce the chances of your application moving forward any further.

The Online Application

The online application can be a very long process, with what seems like an endless amount of questions to answer. But it is very important that you answer every question and fill out every box to the best of your ability. Think of it this way, would you rather invest a lot of time into one online application and get the job because you really gave it your all, or give it a half-hearted attempt because you ‘couldn’t be bothered’ and end up having to fill out another because your application for this specific job failed!? I know which I would rather choose.

The Telephone Interview

Your almost there, so don’t blow it here. Ensure you are fully prepared for the telephone interview. Prior to your call make sure you have researched the company and can confidently discuss any part of your CV. Do not hold the receiver close to your mouth; you don’t want the hiring manager hearing your nervous breathing. Standing whilst on the phone will project your voice helping you sound upbeat and enthusiastic. Do not forget to dress the part. Yes, I know they can’t see you, but if you dressed the part, you’ll feel that part and hopefully this confidence will shine through.

The Face-To-Face Interview

The big one! Further research into the company is always recommended; check out their website and social media pages, read their blog and keep up to date with recent goings on within the industry. Turn up on time, go in for the hand shake and be confident throughout – you can’t go wrong. Remember to relax and do not rush your answers. Ask questions throughout the interview (just not too many) to show that you are really interested.

The Follow Up

Following up is often over-looked and a lot of candidates do not bother. If the hiring manager is stuck between hiring you and another candidate, likelihood is that if you’re the one to follow up with a call, you’ll get the job so remember to always follow up. Even if you are unsuccessful it will still be of benefit as this gives you the opportunity to ask for feedback; something that could help you ace your next interview. Stick with these tips and remember to give every job application your all! This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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