How To Become The Boss Everyone Loves And Respects

Happy employees talk to the boss they love and respect

Do you want to be the boss or manager that everybody loves and respects? Someone they don't walk all over, but they feel like you get them and want to go to the moon for you?

Becoming the boss everyone loves and respects is a big deal right now because you're hearing about everybody working their wage and quiet quitting. But we know that when teams are inspired, when they love their leaders, they're happier at work, too. Not only do they want to do the work, but they're happier at work and it's a better vibe.

So I'm going to show you how to make that happen...

Understand 2 Important Things About Yourself

Becoming the boss everyone loves begins with understanding yourself in two specific areas, and then training yourself to understand your team in these two specific areas.

The first one is your communication style. I actually call them interaction styles in the workplace. It's how we interact with one another. You're going to have a dominant style and the people around you are going to have different styles. Some styles are easier for you to understand and motivate than others. It's those styles that are polar opposite of yours that are going to require you to do more work to connect with those individuals.

The second one is about creating value. All of us like to work in certain ways, and there are eight main ways that people create value in the workplace. But if you can tap into their top ways, the way they prefer to create value, they will feel insanely productive and satisfied. It also means you can start dropping people in the right roles so that their work feels easy to them, but they're completely exceeding expectations. And now you look like a rock star.

As a manager, you understand people and their needs. You're communicating with them in a style that they need and you're putting them in roles and making them successful based on their strengths and how they create value.

If that makes sense to you, then there are two free quizzes that you can take. I have trained many a manager on this and they completely change how they interact with their team, how they leverage their team strength, and how they motivate individual team members. And again, they become beloved.

When you're loved and respected, you know your team is going to go to new heights and they're going to be happier. It's a win-win situation.

Right now, with the current work environment, it's very important that we as leaders pay more attention to this and we build relationships based on these two vital things that we must understand about the people who report to us. I promise you this is going to make it fun and easy for you to bring your team together and get them to the next level.

Good luck, and go get 'em!

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