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When clients first come to me for help with their resumes, they usually come with lists of skills, education, and day-to-day responsibilities. Those lists overlook the most important part of a resume: the results. You may have completed a lot of tasks in your career, but what a hiring manager or recruiter really wants to know is: Did all your work achieve anything? Related: How To Turn Duties Into Accomplishments On A Resume To illustrate what I mean, let’s say that I decide to dig a ditch. I find a shovel, survey my yard, choose a location, jab the shovel into the ground, and dig a 3×3 hole. I then admire the hole I successfully dug. Why is this important? It isn’t. Just because I succeeded in a task, does not mean it has any importance. Now, let’s say that the hole prevented my house from flooding, by digging it myself I saved several thousand dollars, and my strategy won an award from a local conservation group. The hole made a difference. With the addition of critical information about results, an unimportant task has become important. Most people need help in selecting the accomplishments that best highlight their careers and figuring out why those achievements are important! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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