The Nitty Gritty On Biology Degrees

The Nitty Gritty On Biology Degrees

Biology is an interesting subject and many individuals love the topic. Many love it so much that they want to take biology courses during their college years. The good thing is biology is a common course offered by many universities and colleges so students can take this course in their chosen academic institutions. Various types of biology degrees are available for college students of different levels where students can enroll and study this topic in depth. Here are the available biology degrees type offered for future biology students.

Bachelor’s Degree

Biology degree is offered as Bachelor’s degree in majority of colleges and universities. Biology is a topic related to science so people in general know that it is a BS or Bachelor of Science degree. However, numerous schools also offer Bachelor of Arts in Biology. While these courses study biology, they also have their differences particularly on the other required subjects. BS in Biology requires students to take more science subjects.

The Prerequisites

Aside from biology, they will be required to take chemistry courses as prerequisites for several biology-related subjects like biochemistry and others. Schools set BS in Biology to have more science subjects as many of students who take this course use it as their pre-med course. Aside from chemistry, BS students must take more math and physics subjects. BA in Biology on the other hand doesn’t take too much science subjects aside from the biology and fundamental chemistry subjects. They are the students who will not continue to medicine therefore, they need excessive science courses. Even with their differences, students for both these courses need to take lecture and laboratory subjects.

Masters Degrees

Just like the undergraduate versions, Master’s degrees for biology are also available in Master in Arts and Master of Science. On these courses, students can focus on specific specializations that will help them land a job on either laboratories or research centers. Taking these courses require students to complete their undergrad and meet their grade requirements.

Doctorate Degrees

Doctorate degrees in biology allow students to concentrate on different fields of studies in biology. This is highest degree a student can take aside from studying medicine. So it requires a lot of research and laboratory studies for students to complete their theses. Students who will study biology can study these degrees if they want to be experts in this field. Moreover, it also offers a lot of good job opportunities in the future. This includes working as an instructor, laboratory assistant, and even as physicians after completing their medicine courses. Numerous schools have these courses, enabling students to enroll in their preferred school and master this field of study in the long run.

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