How To Answer Brainteaser Interview Questions

There are a growing number of organizations that utilize brainteasers and logic puzzles (known as “Guesstimations”) during interviews. They test the applicant’s mental strength by asking crazy questions. Interviewers use this questioning strategy to test the candidates on their problem solving skills. This strategy helps interviewers get a better idea of your creativity and resourcefulness. It also helps them compare you with other candidates. But how do you answer brainteaser interview questions? Here are some helpful tips...

Types of Brainteaser Questions

There are four types of brainteaser questions you should be aware about:
  • Questions that have right answers
  • Questions that don’t have a particular right answer
  • Questions you need to solve
  • Questions that test your skills and performance

How to Handle Them

Many companies in the field of IT and management use the brainteaser questions during interviews. It's important to handle them well. Prepare yourself by following these tips:
  • Don't generalize. Be specific with your answers.
  • Utilize whatever you've been given to you to answer the question.
  • Ask questions if you feel you need to clarify anything in the asked question.
  • Express your thoughts so the interviewers can understand your ideas.
  • Keep a pencil and paper with you to solve the question (as it can be of graph, chart, or related to any other figure).
  • Stay relaxed by taking a deep breath to calm yourself down.
  • Be comfortable when you are in conversation with the interviewer.

Brainteaser Questions Examples

You can practice answering these questions to prepare for your next interview:
  1. How many quarters does it take to reach the top of the empire state building?
  2. How many golf balls can be fit in a school bus?
  3. How would you resolve the weight of a commercial airplane without the use of scale?
  4. How many words are there in the daily edition of newspaper?
  5. How many spikes does a hedge hog have on its back?
These are just examples, but they will help you get in the right mindset. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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