4 Ways To Build Success From Scratch

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For most of us, success doesn't just come out of nowhere. We have to work for it. Whether it's at work or at home, we strive to be successful in everything we do. This isn't an easy task by any means. However, there are ways to meet your goals without driving yourself crazy.

Here are four ways to help you build success from scratch:

1. Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

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Changing your daily habits slowly rather than all at once increases the likelihood that you will maintain them. According to Fast Company contributor Laura Vanderkam, building habits takes time.

In her article "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast," she suggests taking on one new habit and building it into your routine before you start another habit. Makes sense, right?

2. Have A Positive Mindset

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Although having a positive mindset seems like a no-brainer, many people fall into the downward spiral of negative thinking. Instead of blaming yourself or others for your lack of success in life, try looking at things from a different perspective.

Geoffrey James touches on this concept in his column "Sales Source" for Inc. Magazine. He uses an example of how perfectionism, though it seems like a wonderful goal, is ultimately impossible to achieve.

When you realize you can't achieve perfection, negative thoughts can overwhelm you and keep you from success. Instead, re-evaluate your goals and make them more manageable.

3. Take A Risk

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Yes, taking risks is a scary concept, but taking one once in a while can be a smart thing to do. Risk takers can be success makers!

According to Fast Company's article "How To Quiet the Negative Thoughts That Are Killing Your Career," the key is to be smart about your risks. Always weigh the benefits of a risk with the losses.

4. Be A "New" Leader

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It's a new world, so be a new leader. According to the blog The HR Capitalist, an old leader is very shut off from the world. It's difficult for old leaders to accept mistakes and open up with others.

However, new leaders are generally more open, accept their mistakes, and consult their network for answers. Which one do you think is more successful?

By doing these four things in your career, you can get on the path to success and finally achieve your goals. It starts with building good habits, having a positive mindset, being a leader, and taking risks when the time is right. Career success is closer than you think!

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