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Whether you're self-employed or searching for a job, one of the top tips for anyone looking to take a leap up the career ladder is to create your very own business card. Now we know what you’re thinking… It seems a bit much, right? But who’s to say that business cards are only reserved for fancy lawyer types or those with already established careers? When it comes to getting ahead, a little self-assurance goes a long way. And, although the prospect of condensing your company or job title into a few slick sentences might appear daunting, if you get the wording right, it could turn out to be entirely beneficial. Whatever your occupation, there are many ways a business card can improve your overall prospects. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons to put your name in print…

1. It Looks Professional

Although a slick CV is worth its weight in gold, a professional looking business card gives off a whole different impression. With a CV selling the reasons somebody should give you a job, it can seem a little needy. In comparison, a card purely gives off an air of competence and professionalism. You already know what you can offer, so why not sell it?

2. It Sets You Apart

If you find it difficult to make a good first impression, a business card could help you leave a lasting one. It could also help you leave an impression that reflects the measured tone and aim of your business. Furthermore, with many companies giving you the chance to design your own, you can have total control of how it looks and exactly how you’d like to be portrayed. If you’re thinking of going for it, there are many great discounts on business cards that can enable you to print off a bundle without going over budget.

3. It’s Helpful For Networking

If you often find yourself chatting to people at parties, at the bus stop, even in line at Starbucks…. chances are the “so what do you do?” question will soon crop up. But what if one of those randoms turned out to be a potential employer or client? It may seem a bit of a long shot, but it’s true that you never know who you’re going to meet: why not be prepared? By having a few business cards on hand, you could grab any networking opportunity with both hands, instead of mumbling your usual response… “Well, I’m sort of freelance…” Finally, if it just so happens that the exact route of your career path is a little uncertain, there’s a fantastic way of making things clearer. Simply think about what your ideal business card would say… Unrealistic? Maybe so. But we’re pretty sure Steve Jobs didn’t have that attitude. Article Author: Nikki Gilliland Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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