Career Quiz: What Does Your Pen Say About You?

Career Quiz: What Does Your Pen Say About You?
Career-minded individuals put stock in the type of education they receive, the way they dress, the way they speak, and some even put a great deal of thought into the pen they use. Believe it or not, carrying and writing with a high-quality pen can say a lot about you. Carrying a Vision Point or a Mont Blanc pen can really make you stand out in a competitive job market. It seems a bit trite at first, but a good pen displays quality and integrity, so purchasing one might just provide you with the edge you need. Luckily, there are plenty of great deals on quality pens out there if you use a good coupon. Now, let’s see what a good pen really says about you.

1. You Care About Quality

First and foremost, having a high-quality pen tells someone that you actually care about the quality of the work you’re producing with it. Even if you’re only signing your name, you show that you care about the quality of your signature.

2. Production Matters

Those cheap 10-per-pack ink pens bend, leak, go dry quickly and are better suited for scribbling. So when someone sees that you have selected a quality pen, they’re realizing that production matters to you. You won’t have to fumble around for something that works well; you already have a great pen.

3. You Won’t Settle

Having a good pen also says that you won’t settle for mediocre. It’s easy to run to any corner store or mega-mart out there and purchase a cheap ink pen. But actually taking the time and consideration to pick something worthy says that you won’t settle for the cheap stuff. Bosses appreciate this quality.

4. You Care About Opinions

Having a good pen signifies that you care about what other people think of you. This is something that’s important to those in charge of hiring. They’re in charge of the company’s brand, hence they care about what people think. If you also care about what people think, you’re good for the brand.

Types of Pens and What They Mean

A brand name isn't all that you have to consider when purchasing a pen. There are different styles of pens, different colors of ink, and other factors that go into a great pen. Here are some of the things individual types of pens say about you.

  • Biro Pen: This is that plain-Jane pen that people purchase for a value instead of quality. If you have this type of pen, it’s undoubtedly saying, “I’m willing to settle for something that writes.”
  • Fountain Pen: Fountain pens of a good quality can say that you’re ready for an office of your own. These pens, different than felt or ball point or other low-rent pens, scream quality and show that you care.
  • Red Pen (Ink): Unless you’re grading papers, leave the red pens at home in the drawer. Why? Well, these pens pretty much say that you either just grabbed whatever was available, or you don’t really care about the color of the ink you’re writing in.
  • Gel Pen: Easier to write with due to the comfort level of the pen, a gel pen says that you’re laid back and that you like to take it easy while writing. Unless you’re writing a lot, this can be a bad thing. So try to stay away from a gel pen.
At the end of the day, a pen is something that doesn't carry nearly as much weight as the way you present yourself per style of dress or verbal articulation. However, a lot of bosses are paying attention to the smallest detail out there, and thus it’s much better to ensure you have a quality pen with you. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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