7 Ways To Show You're Ready For The Next Step In Your Career

You feel you're ready for the next step in your career and more responsibilities – but how do you persuade your manager? Let me share with you a few sure-fire tips to impress your boss and prove you're ready for that promotion. Related: How To Show You Deserve A Promotion

1. Be A Problem Solver

All Managers like problem solvers so next time instead of waiting for a solution, go show your boss how you're going to fix the problem.

2. Work Hard (And Smart!)

If you want to get promoted, you need to work hard - that's obvious. You need to be able to show you can handle your current workload well– no company is going to promote someone who struggles with time management. However, you need to work smart, not just hard. What are the things you can work on that really matter to your company and your manager? What can you work on that will be a 'quick win' for your organization?

3. Make Your Boss’s Life Easy

To help your boss look good with their boss but also to show them you're ready for increased responsibilities, you can offer to take over some aspects of their job that your manager doesn't enjoy. Then do a great job doing these tasks!

4. Understand The Whole Company—Not Just Your Role

To be effective not only as a Manager, but in any role, the more you understand your business as a whole, the easier it will be for you to work and make better decisions Make sure you're up to date on your company’s mission and goals, research competitors, and talk to people in areas you don’t know much about – e.g. finance – to learn more about what they do. The more you understand how other departments work together, the better.

5. Make Sure You Deliver (Or Over-Deliver!)

All companies value employees with great ideas who can deliver on projects and who are effective at communicating with other departments. What opportunities can you look for to work on projects from start to finish? You’d also want to exceed expectations of your managers, if you want to get promoted. If you don’t have any specific targets, talk to your manager to develop some to enable you to measure your progress.

6. Project The Right Image

If you want to get promoted, demonstrate a strong work ethic and develop the reputation of someone who is trustworthy. If you’re someone your boss and other employees can always rely on, your chances of getting a promotion are much higher. You also need to have good reputation with senior management. If no one knows about the great work you’re doing, what can you do to raise your visibility within the organization? Make sure others know what you’re good at and what value you can add to the organization.

7. Get A Mentor

An experienced mentor can help you identify roadblocks on your way to your next job. They can also push you out of your comfort zone so that you make the most of opportunities in team meetings or presentations to perform at your best. To download my free report and video ‘How to get noticed and promoted in 5 easy steps’, please go to: http://www.interview-coach.co.uk/free-resources/

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Margaret Buj is an interview coach who has been helping professionals get hired, promoted and paid more for over eight years. She is also a qualified Personal Performance & Corporate and Executive Coach and can help you with developing confidence and the attitude that will make it easier for you to get any job you want. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Margaret here.   Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert. You can learn more about expert posts here.Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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