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If you're a millennial or Gen Zer, I have one piece of advice that is going to improve your job search results and change your career for the better.

As a millennial or Gen Z job seeker, here's what you need to do to find a job and grow your career...

Get On LinkedIn!

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You need to make a LinkedIn profile.

Hear me out.

I know you hate the platform. I know that you feel like it's for old people. But as a 20-year career coaching veteran who used to work in the staffing and recruiting industry, I can tell you that getting on LinkedIn is the best thing you can do for your job search and career as a whole.

Recruiters don't know how to find you on TikTok yet. But they do know how to find you on LinkedIn. They search for specific keywords (skills) and your profile will come up in search results if it's well-optimized.

So, if you're a millennial or Gen Zer who's struggling to find a job, I encourage you to create a LinkedIn profile and optimize it so you can be found by recruiters.

Now, LinkedIn doesn't teach you how to optimize your profile—but I do.

I'd love it if you signed up for Work It Daily's Event Subscription so you can learn the correct way to build your LinkedIn profile and stand out to recruiters. I look forward to answering all of your career questions in our next live event!

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