Challenge: Identify 3 Good Things That Happened To You Today

Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to identify three good things that happened to you today. Feeling down in the dumps? Stuck in a career rut? Not sure how to get out of a slump? In order to keep moving forward and avoid settling into a big ball of depression, you need to look on the bright side of things. If you allow all of the negative things in your life stew and build off of each other, you’re going to be miserable. Plus, it will seep into your attitude and people will notice. This can really hurt your friendships, shot at promotions, and chance of getting hired. So, challenge yourself to identify three good things that happened to you today. Whether someone opened a door for you or sent you the check you’ve been waiting for, think about all of the little things that made you smile today. Forcing yourself to focus on the good stuff - no matter how small - can do wonders for your attitude. As you go through your day, you’ll realize a lot more things are going right in your life than you might think. What good things happened to you today? Tell us!

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