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Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to talk with a co-worker for five minutes. Whether you’re a new employee or you’ve worked at the same company for 20 years, it’s important to build good relationships with your co-workers. Think about it, you spend most of your time with your co-workers. Wouldn’t it be nice to know something about them? Or have something to talk to them about? Plus, when you take time to develop relationships at work, you’ll build friendships, work more effectively with each other, have more meaningful conversations, and just have more fun at work each day. If you’re just going into work, putting your head down, and leaving right at 5pm without really speaking with people, it’s going to make your work life less enjoyable. So, talk with a co-worker for at least five minutes today. Even if you just talk about the weather, make an effort to chat about something non-work related. Not sure what to talk about? Here are a few easy conversation starters:

  • What are you doing this weekend? Any fun plans?
  • What are your favorite places to eat around here? I’m looking for a new lunch spot.
  • How long have you worked here? What drew you to the company?
Try to avoid asking 'yes' or 'no' questions like "Do you like the new office setup?" or "Have you tried the new lunch spot downtown?" Open-ended questions encourage deeper conversation. Yes Forging those relationships will not only increase your happiness at work, but it will also make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues. What do you like to talk about with your colleagues? When was the last time you made time to talk with a co-worker? Tell us! Related Posts: Challenge: Give Yourself Decision Deadlines Challenge: Perform One Random Act Of Kindness Today Challenge: Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier  
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