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As a certified career coach, I can recommend many job search strategies that will complement your resume and increase your chances for finding that perfect job. Related: #1 Job Search Mistake (You Could Be Making It Right Now!) But the following strategies won’t work: 1. Re-sending the same resume over and over to the same company, expecting different results. What to Do Instead: You can reapply to the same company. But it would pay to have a professional review your resume and cover letter to make sure you are clearly stating why you are a great fit for that company. 2. Using resume creation software. What to Do Instead: Send out a professionally written resume that reflects you, your achievements, skills, and attitudes and that is targeted for the job you want. 3. Staying at home and working the computer. What to Do Instead: Get yourself out among people, spreading the word about your job hunt and letting them see what a great employee you would make. Talk to family, friends and former colleagues; attend business networking events and expos; take on freelance, volunteer, and consultant opportunities (they may become job offers; in the meantime you’re keeping your skills sharp and building contacts)—and that’s just the start of the list. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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