4 Companies With Great Cultures

4 Companies With Great Cultures

From inspirational management and amazing perks for employees to social responsibility, there are many companies out there that just understand how to be incredible and attract the best talent. Related: 5 Companies That Inspire Their Employees Daily Here are some companies that show qualities of being a great place to work for through their company culture.

Nestlé Purina

Nestlé Purina is doing it big for their employees at work. They understand that people spend a good amount of their life in the office, but people do have a life outside of work and there is a need for a work-life balance. By offering a number of perks to their hardworking employees, the happiness they experience in real life is translating into work. On any given day, you can bring your pet in, workout in the office gym, or catch some peaceful time in the garden! These are just three examples of the many perks that Nestlé Purina offers to help blend the line between life and work. Check out the rest here!


Oliberte is a shoe company that I had never heard of before, so when I found out what their intentions were, I was truly amazed. Oliberte is striving to develop a middle class in Africa by producing all of their products right in the heart of Ethiopia. When asked “Why Africa?” they replied on their website , “We believe that with the right partners, each country within Africa has the means to grow and support its people.”


We all want to feel like we are wanted in the workplace, we want to know that we are making a difference, and we want to know we are appreciated by the office we spend 40+ hours a week in. Ignited, a mid-sized marketing agency, knows exactly how to make their employees feel special. On a weekly basis, Ignited releases videos on their YouTube page introducing their newest employees to the world. On their LinkedIn company page, you will be able to find short videos that showcase employees in the company.


This company surely knows how to make an office a fun place to be. Imagine going into work everyday and seeing not only the traditional desks, chairs, conference tables, and so on but also seeing a herd of puppies running around like they own the place. At DogVacay, that is exactly how the employees get to spend their day. Check out this article to see a day in the life of a DogVacay office pup (and to see how much fun the employees have on Instagram at work!) There you have it, four companies who have presented a strong culture through the fun they have in the office, the appreciation they have for their employees, the strong values they have for making this world a better place, and the motivation they give to their employees through upper level management. Know of other companies doing amazing things? Feel free to share their stories with us by emailing us at employmentbranding@workitdaily.com

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