Funky Flight Attendant Shows Off Cool Company Culture

We love finding companies that know how to show off their awesome employees, don’t you? Related: 14 Ways To Research Company Culture WestJet Airlines DEFINITELY knows how to showcase why their company is a great place to work. WestJet is known for producing KILLER employee-driven flash mobs. Now, a funky flight attendant demonstrates why it's a fun company to work for in this 23 second video. While waiting for takeoff, instead of just waiting around, this flight attendant entertained passengers by dancing to “Uptown Funk.” The video is now a viral sensation! And for some, it’s no surprise. “I read the description and I just knew it would be WestJet,” said one Reddit user. “They have such wonderful staff who make flying such a pleasant experience. I'm not the worst flyer, but hardly the best either and it's lovely staff like your sister who help make it fun and enjoyable... please tell her we appreciate her so much!” How cool is that? This is a great example of an Employee Spotlight - a story that highlights real people who work at your company. The goal of this piece is to make current employees accessible to like-minded candidates. You want to introduce job candidates to your company’s “tribe.” What are your employees like? What’s important to them? What do they love about working at your company? From the looks of it, it’s pretty clear that WestJet employees have fun at work!

Is YOUR company a fun place to work?

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