3 Companies That Encourage Employees To Play Outside

Spring is FINALLY here - the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the snow is melting. We made it through another bitter winter! Related: 5 Companies That Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the weather. But, if you don’t have a place hang out outside during the workday (or worse, don’t even have a window to look out of), you might not be able to enjoy your springs and summers the the full extent. But if you work for a company that encourages you to get outside and get some of that good ol’ fashion fresh air, that’s a game changer! Here are some companies that encourage their employees to play outside:


How cool would it be to be able to just grab your towel, hit the beach, and ride some waves during the workday? Well, at Patagonia, an outdoor clothing company, employees can do just that! And if you don’t feel like surfing, you can always check out the volleyball courts, go for a ride on company bikes, or stretch out some stress during their on-site yoga classes.

Brooks Sports

At Brooks Sports, they don’t just design and sell running apparel, they actually want to use it, too! The company encourages its employees to get out of the office and get active with its “Friday Runs.” And you think that’s cool? At the end of the runs, they have a theme party to celebrate the end of the week. #winning


Playing outside doesn't always mean outdoor sports. In an effort to get its employees outside, HootSuite, a social media management platform, offers its employees a rooftop urban garden. “For those of us who live and breath in the digital world, it’s a place where we can grab a gulp of fresh air or grab ten minutes in the sun,” one Hootsuite staffer wrote. Not only that, but employees like to stay active and enjoy the outdoors as much as they can. Walking meetings, working outside, and biking to work are common occurrences at the company. These employees REALLY don’t want to miss out on good weather! Does your company encourage its employees to play outside? Tweet me @AriellaCoombs and let me know!

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