3 Reasons Why You Should Complete Your LinkedIn Profile Now

3 Reasons Why You Should Complete Your LinkedIn Profile Now

Been on LinkedIn for a while but haven’t done very much with your profile? You really should be leveraging the benefits of your profile now—whether you’re in a job search or not. You shouldn’t wait to complete your LinkedIn profile until you’re in a job search because when you finally do need it—it may be too late.

1. It Will Cost You Valuable Job Search Time

Honestly, I don’t think it’s ever really too late to complete your LinkedIn profile, but if you wait until you want to utilize your profile for an active job search, then you’re already behind the curve. You could have had a maximized profile, made lasting connections, joined professional groups, and made contacts with individuals that you could be benefiting from now. But because you waited—and are just now getting started with enhancing your profile—you now have to start from scratch making those connections, joining the groups, and optimizing your profile.

2. You’re Missing Out And You Don’t Even Know It!

Employers are using LinkedIn to find the right talent and they don’t necessarily limit their search to people who are actively job searching. But, if your profile isn’t completed, keyword-rich, or optimized, they can’t find you. And that means they can’t offer you an interview for your next big career move! Don’t miss out on being discovered!

3. You’re Hurting Your Personal Brand

Leveraging your LinkedIn profile to communicate your personal brand online is a valuable tool for your job search. It’s a great platform with which to communicate to others your unique promise of value, what sets you apart as a professional, and exactly what you can offer connections and companies. Plus, completing your profile now develops your brand and its presence in the online world—so that one day… while you’re job searching (that is, if you’re not already) you’re already out there, easy to find, and clearly communicating your professional value to others.

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