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One of the toughest parts of a work environment is learning how to get along with varying personality types: bad communicators, troublemakers, and negative nellies. Not getting along with all of your co-workers? Here are ways to release the tension and connect with co-workers who drive you crazy. Related: 5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

1. Change How You React

One of the best ways to connect with co-workers who drive you crazy is to change how you react to them. Stewing with annoyance is not the way to approach the situation. Instead, avoid being reactionary to situations that will lead to meltdowns and blowups. Take the higher road and be the “better person" in great situations of difficulty.

2. Focus On The Positive

Sometimes we need to realize that we are not going to like every person we work with or meet. That being said, we need to focus on the positive attributes of coworkers. Maybe it is something simple like the way they dress or how good they are at a specific task. Build upon the positive attributes of your co-workers and focus on the things you do like about your coworkers. Make sure to engage your co-workers with things you do like about them. By doing so, you will be creating positive relationships and rapports with your co-workers even if they are not necessarily your cup of tea.

3. Create Open Communication

Having a sit-down chat about disturbing behaviors or little idiosyncrasies is a great way for you to not only release your own frustration, but also to do it in a way that is transparent, clear, and solution-oriented. Create communication that allows feedback, and active listening. Communicate with your co-workers and be open and honest about your feelings as to what is bothering you and come up with a game plan together to rectify it. The idea is to be proactive about wanting to change things rather than focusing on what is so terrible about your co-workers. Shifting your way of thinking about your coworkers will enable you to better connect with them rather than focusing on why or how they drive you crazy.

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