Craving This At Work? What Your Body REALLY Wants

Craving This At Work? What Your Body REALLY Wants

Trying to eat better at work? Good for you! This is a challenging feat for many people (particularly me!). However, if you're having trouble holding back from certain cravings, your body could be suffering from deficiencies. In other words, if you crave any of the following on a regular basis, you're body is lacking something (no, it's probably not chocolate, sorry). So, before packing up your lunch, check out this healthy guide of alternatives:

Oily Or Fatty Foods

If you're getting distracted from work because you can't get your mind off of a nice, juicy hamburger from Five Guys, you're probably lacking calcium. Try adding more mustard, turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, and sesame into your diet. Your body will thank you!


Yes, chocolate has always been known to be life's little problem solver. However, if you're craving chocolate, your body probably needs more magnesium. Instead of trying to ignore this craving, try eating more raw nuts, seeds or fruits.


On a low-carb diet and having trouble breaking up with bread? When you crave bread, you probably need more nitrogen. Where can you find that? High protein foods like fish, meat, nuts, and beans - a low-carber's dream!

Salty Foods

Can't stop dreaming of those delicious, crunchy salty potato chips? Chloride is what you need. Substitute those salty little devils for raw goat milk or fish. You can also add unrefined sea salt to your meals.

Soda / Carbonated Drinks

Can't get through the workday without sipping on a soda? This craving is similar to oily and fatty foods in that you need more calcium in your diet. Munch on a few more leafy greens, cheese, or broccoli to tone down this craving. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:   Photo Credit: Shutterstock