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Last week, I wrote a post on LinkedIn explaining why companies care so much about a candidate being a good 'cultural fit' for a job. The response was intense. You can read it here >> In the video above, I explain why you should care about cultural fit as a job seeker.

Why Force Yourself To Be A Square Peg In A Round Hole?

The most successful employee-employer relationships are built on the idea that one doesn't work for the other. But rather, you work with each other. To do that, you need to trust and respect the company you work for. If you don't feel a connection to their corporate culture, your natural instincts will be to be cautious and wary. This leads to distrust and lack of respect, which ultimately leads to the end of the working relationship. That's why it's very important that a job seeker A) know what they want in an employer, and B) know how to determine in the interview if the company fits their corporate culture needs.

Be Smart, Ask The Right Tell-All Questions

If you want to figure out if you'll fit in at a company, you need to ask certain questions in the interview and then carefully listen to the answers. (I give examples of this in the video above.) The secret is to craft questions that let you see what the company is really like to work for. This article offers eight examples of questions you can ask to make you stand out as an exceptional candidate, while also giving you the information you need to determine if they are the right employer for you. For example, if work-life balance is something you care about and the employers claims is important to them as well, ask them for an example of when their commitment to work-life balance was tested and the company was able to prove their support of this belief. If you like their response, it will be easier to see yourself fitting in. If you don't like their response, then they may not be the right employer for you. Greater career success and satisfaction comes from knowing who you are and what kind of company you need to succeed. Follow the steps above and you'll be able to identify employers where the cultural fit is a match.

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