7 Ideas For Decorating Your Workspace

7 Ideas For Decorating Your Workspace

At your workplace, you’ve probably asked where working ends and creativity begins. You might be one of those employees who’d like to infuse more fun in the office. While it can be a challenge to merge ingenuity without sacrificing productivity at the office, one effective way to do this is through the inclusion of office art.

Choose Pieces That Inspire

When choosing artwork, you need to stick with the objective of producing great results at work. Your chosen art pieces should then gear you towards this. Your chosen collections should not be a cause of distraction. Your pieces shouldn’t be offensive as well, most especially when you’re having clients visit. Your work area also serves as your place of comfort. Aside from high quality office furniture, a piece of art work can liven up your professional space. This is why it pays to choose inspiring and refreshing pieces. You also ultimately want your room to reflect your personality as a professional, while adding warmth to invite people in. If you’re gearing towards having a creative office, you should consider these ideas for decorating your workspace:

1. D-I-Ys (Do-It-Yourself Art)

There’s more fulfillment behind displaying artwork which you’ve made. You’ll know no one else can produce your masterpiece, and it’ll be one of the possible ice breakers during meetings. Exploring the stories that inspire office art (or art of any kind) can lead others to want to create work of their own.

2. Doodles, Letters, Sayings, Or Signatures

If you have a mentor who inspires you, have his or her saying posted on your wall. You’ll be surprised by how much warmth a friend’s advice can provide, especially during peak workings seasons. Personal messages from colleagues and friends who drop by your office serve as one fun way to present your social prowess as a professional.

3. Pieces Featuring Your Children

If you’re a family person, your kids are surely one of the main sources of your inspiration. A great idea is to include traces of their painted hands onto framed pieces on your wall. Keep in mind the need to have your frames securely placed with the right adhesives so you don't lose them!

4. School Projects

If your son's or daughter’s project is a piece of art you’re proud of, it can be featured prominently on your desk. You can show off your child’s masterpiece to anyone who steps into your office, as you know this was made with hard work. The projects can range from parts of their lessons or from family-oriented arts.

5. Commission Some Artists

If you want professional artwork in your office, it may be a good idea to review the work of some artists within your area. You can choose from installation to paintings, mixed media or even simple doodles. A professional’s brush stroke can make all the difference. Professional artists can turn simple sketches into beautiful imageries, adding a touch of inspiration in your working space. You can choose from these formats to complete your office’s look:

6. Mixed Media

If you have favorite material, this is a good time to include it into one whole work. Think of your top materials, plus the main theme which motivates you while you work. Combine them all for one artist to turn your vision into a reality.

7. Paintings

One feature piece can make all the difference in your office. Relaxing themes can leave your visitors less stressed during the course of a day. If you’d like to keep motivating your employees, a good work of art can add to the inspirational ambiance. Striking the balance between creativity and motivation can be tough in the workplace. However, it simply takes an open mind and the mentality to explore the possibilities of choosing artwork to make it work for you. Reduce the stress and boredom of your surroundings with inspiring art today. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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