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6 Signs You Work With A ‘Disrespectful Danny’


At one point or another, we’ve all worked with that person who doesn’t have a filter or any real respect for his co-workers or job. That person is the infamous ‘Disrespectful Danny.’ (Or Darla).

You avoid this person at all costs, whenever possible. You have no interest in his antics and would rather not deal with him at all.

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Not sure if you work with one? Here are some of the trademarks of “Disrespectful Danny.”

1. He’s obnoxious when you’re on the phone.

That wasn’t an important conversation, anyways. It was just one of our biggest clients.


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2. He leaves a mess wherever he goes.

No self control. C’mon – other people need to use the kitchen!

Leaves a mess
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3. He never pays attention in meetings.

Danny? Dannnnny? DANNY! We need your input here!

Never paying attention
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4. He leaves early for no reason on a regular basis.

Thanks for leaving me with a ton of work with an hour deadline and no notice.

Leaving early
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5. He constantly insults his co-workers.

Thanks for the daily self-esteem boost, Danny. And stop talking about my mother!

Insulting coworkers
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6. He always ignores everyone.

Ignoring Coworkers
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