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You’ve heard it here before that networking through contacts is the most effective approach when job searching, but let us go into how exactly you as a job seeker can effectively network. Related: 5 Ways To Break The Ice At Networking Events For starters, effective networking involves building lasting relationships where both parties can help each other. So, rather than jump into it with the mindset of “Can you find me a job?” think about it as a chance to get to know others and an opportunity to receive valuable advice. Naturally, the relationship you build will evolve to opportunities to help one another in ways like offering referrals to even job opportunities. As a job seeker, here’s what you need to keep in mind if you want to network effectively at a job fair, networking event, or online networking community:

1. Come off as approachable.

People with the right attitude are simply more approachable. You don’t even have to say anything, it’s as basic as having the right facial expression and posture. So, when you’re attending a meeting, make eye contact with others and offer a smile. By keeping your head up and arms to your side, you naturally become approachable to initiate conversation with others or welcome others to initiate conversation with you. When it comes to the online community, make sure you profile photo also shows eye contact and a friendly smile.

2. Get help from people you know.

If you want to network with someone, the first step is to see if you already know someone who knows them. If you have a strong relationship with this contact, and they have a mutually strong relationship with that person, getting introduced is simple and easy.

3. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

If you’re at a job fair, networking event, or online networking community, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others. These outlets are meant to help people meet others, you just have to approach it the right way. Find something to engage in that would interest the contact, like pointing out things you have in common or sharing your thoughts and experience about the job fair or networking event. As the conversation evolves, keep to open-ended questions so it leaves room for the other person to engage and leave comment.

4. Continue to build your network.

Whether you are job hunting or not, there are people you will meet throughout your career. Continue to build a strong network as you never know when opportunities may arise and the individual may be of help to you. Go to “9 Networking Groups You Should Join” for insight on other places where you can continue to expand your network. Once you’ve broken through the awkward point in the beginning of communication and have both established a comfortable level, there’s no end to how far the relationship can go and where a contact may help you when it comes to job searching, career advice and beyond!

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Everyone needs to feel their voice is heard and their contributions are important. Something as simple as sharing a drink the last hour of the day on a Friday with the team to recap wins and give praise can build camaraderie within the team.

All of the above are fairly simple to implement but can make a huge difference in morale and motivation. Have any of these tips worked well for young the past? Do you have other tips to motivate your creative team? If so, please share them with me!

Encourage curiosity. Spark debate. Stimulate creativity and your team will be better at handling challenges with flexibility and resourcefulness. Create a safe space for ideas, all ideas, to be heard. In ideation, we need the weird and off-the-wall ideas to spur us on to push through to the great ideas.

Sure, there are a ton of studies done on this, but here is my very unscientific personal take. When team members can make decisions about how they work on projects, they are more engaged and connected to the project outcome. When they see how potentially dropping the ball would affect the entire team, they step up. When they feel like what they are doing is impactful and valued, they are naturally motivated to learn more, and be even better team members.

Rarely does a one-size-fits-all style work when it comes to team motivation. I have found that aligning employee goals with organization goals works well. Taking time to get to know everyone on your team is invaluable. What parts of their job do they love? What do they not enjoy? What skills do they want to learn? Even going so far as to where they see themselves in five years career-wise. These questions help you right-fit projects, and help your team see you are committed to creating a career path for them within the company.

Most designers I know love a good challenge. We are problem solvers by nature. Consistently give yourself and your team small challenges, both design-related and not. It will promote openness within the team to collaborate, and it will help generate ideas faster in the long run. Whether the challenge is to find a more exciting way to present an idea to stakeholders or fitting a new tool into the budget, make it a challenge just to shake things up.