Embarrassing E-mails: Don't Let This Happen To You!

Everyone knows how important it is to double check attachments on your e-mails, especially when you're applying for a job. However, sometimes the wrong file can find its way onto an important message. This nightmare happened to one girl, who accidentally sent a potential employer an e-mail attached with a scary photo of Nicolas Cage instead of her resume and cover letter. Talk about a bad first impression. Don't let a careless mistake like this cause big embarrassment and missed opportunities. Here are seven common errors to check for before you hit the "Send" button:

Get Names Right

Nothing is more embarrassing than messing up someone's name, especially if it's your boss or potential employer. Always double check names and spelling!

Make Sure Your E-mail Address Is Appropriate

First impressions are huge. Do you really think a potential employer would respect an applicant whose e-mail handle was "sexy.beach.babe.123@gmail.com"? Probably not. Make sure you have a professional e-mail address for business-related messages.

Watch Out For Typos

We all are guilty of misspelling a word or two every once an awhile. It's a pretty common mistake, so we tend to brush it off. However, it might not sit well with a potential employer if your e-mail was peppered with minor typos (especially after all that talk about your attention to detail in your cover letter!).

Be Aware Of Your Grammar

Double check "your" and "you're," "their," "there," and "they're," "than" and "then," and "it's" and "its." Each of your little mistakes will reflect on your employer, no matter how small. If you can't even write a grammatically correct e-mail, how will you represent the company?

Avoid All Caps

NO EMPLOYER WILL APPRECIATE AN E-MAIL FROM AN APPLICANT THAT DOESN'T HAVE THE COURTESY TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK. Not only does it look like you are shouting, but it's also incredibly annoying.

Ditch The Slang, Bro

Make sure to avoid using slang words and phrases in e-mails, especially professional ones. Even if you are sending a casual message to a co-worker, practice good e-mail habits so things like "thx," "brb," or "LOL" don't slip into an important e-mail.

Try Not To Use Emoticons

Although it can be hard to convey emotion through e-mail, try not to use smiley faces in work-related e-mails. Though there are worse things you can put in an e-mail, some people find them to be annoying and unprofessional. Sorry :-( Now you know how to avoid embarrassing e-mails. And above all, make sure Nicolas Cage doesn't creep into an attachment!

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