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If you’ve held lots of positions or have an extensive background in an industry, you might not be able to include all of your experience on your resume. There simply isn’t enough room! Related: 3 Tips For Making Your Resume Stand Out To Recruiters If one of those experiences comes up during an interview, and your interviewer says, “Oh, I didn’t see that one your resume,” you might feel like you haven’t been completely truthful. So, how can you explain why something ISN'T on your resume? In the video above, J.T. O’Donnell, LinkedIn Influencer and founder of CAREEREALISM, suggests that you briefly explain the design of your resume was simply meant to be an overall snapshot of your accomplishments because you didn’t want to overpower the reader with text. Here’s a brief response for this situation: “You know, it’s always so hard to know how much information to put on a resume. So, I choose to only highlight selected accomplishments. Obviously, during all of these jobs, I’ve done more than what’s listed there, but for the sake of readability, I simplified it with just the main accomplishments. I’m happy to share what else I’ve done in each role.” This is a great way to ease the interviewer’s mind, since he or she will surely understand your predicament and appreciate your reason.

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