Feeling Stuck In Your Career? Take Action!

Feeling Stuck In Your Career? Take Action!
Renaissance Personalities (RP) – those multi-passionate “scanners” who want it all – can take being stuck to a whole new level. I’m sure you’ve had times in your life when you felt stuck, not knowing what you wanted to do next, and unable to choose from what feels like millions of options that all look great to you. Lately, I’ve been noticing how overanalyzing things tend to make matters much worse for my RP “scanner” clients. I was reminded the other week by a possible client that spending months going back and forth, mulling over these decisions, is not helping. When I work with clients one-on-one during intensive VIP days, we go in deep together to reap amazing results. Clarity happens for them, which we follow up by getting into action. Implementing a project, going after a new job takes time. However, you don’t need months to reach decisions about which direction to go in. Or, what project to take on. Or, what venture to pursue. Not if you’ve already given this some serious thought, did some research, and ended up… stuck. Here’s the thing: taking action will alter your perspective, which is what you need if you can’t come up with a new insight by thinking about it for weeks – or months. No new information will come to you by just fretting over things. Taking action will shift this for you. Things may happen that you hadn’t even considered. As long as you’re not taking action, it’s easy to fall back into that space of stuckness. When you have a new experience, you discover things, and as a result, your ideas change, or you’ll get new ideas. Here are my top three tips for getting unstuck: 1. Realize that the decision you’re trying to make is not one that you will be stuck with for the rest of your life. Decisions can be reversed, course-corrected on the fly, and turned into something slightly different to make it just right. When you get that you’re not selecting a career, or a business, for life, at the exclusion of everything else that interests you, will give you breathing space and will relax you enough to actually move forward with an option. 2. Test-drive one of the options you’re considering, whether it’s a new job, new career, or new business. You shouldn’t jump in with your eyes closed after quitting your job. Decide to take 30 or 60 days to stick your toes in the water; offer a simple version of what you’d be focusing your business on to some people, shadow someone in the field you want to go into, or volunteer in the area you need experience in if you want to move in this new direction. 3. Pull a Dr. Phill on yourself by looking at what you’ve done so far and asking yourself “How’s that been working for me?” Obviously, we know the answer (it hasn’t been working), but you need to see this clearly and repeatedly. Often, clients think they need to do more internet research. Some research is very wise. Too much research, locked into your room, can kill your dreams. You’ll always be able to find proof that what you want to do is not possible, doomed for failure, and simply just a bad idea. Get out from behind your desk, mingle with people, talk about it, ask for advice, tap into your connections’ network, and commit to three simple steps you can take within the next 30 days to move one of your interests/goals forward. What can you do differently these coming 30 days that would take you from being stuck to being in action? Comment on the blog to let me know your action points or if you’ve discovered other ways that helped you to get unstuck! Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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