Poll: Should This Woman Be Fired for One Bad Decision?
We all make mistakes and have moments we regret. However, all it takes is one big screw up to turn your life around. For Lindsey Stone, 30, one bad decision not only damaged her reputation, but cost her job. According to NBC News, Stone and a co-worker were visiting the Arlington National Cemetery during a work trip. In an attempt to act rebellious, Stone made an offensive gesture next to a sign near the Tomb of the Unknowns that asked for "Silence and Respect." (You can see the photo here.) After a photo was snapped and posted on Facebook, the picture went viral. Thousands of people were outraged by the photo, claiming her actions were disrespectful, and many were in favor of her getting fired for the offensive act. A "Fire Lindsey Stone" Facebook page was created and almost 30,000 "likes" before it made it stated that Stone had gotten the boot. Despite being immediately removed from the Internet, the photo had already made its rounds on the Web, severely damaging Stone's reputation. The photo of Stone has caused quite the controversy over the Web. Although many people believe Stone deserved to lose her job over the matter, many others are concerned about her future and whether or not she will be able to find a job. Although her actions were utterly disrespectful and completely uncalled for, does Stone deserve to suffer this terrible fate? Was her misguided attempt to be funny really something she should be so harshly punished for? Unfortunately, this decision will always haunt the 30-year-old, and could potentially cost her many things in life, including future jobs. With all of the publicity surrounding the matter, Stone has a massive online resume that no employer wants to see - negative press. Her online reputation could very well prevent her from landing another job anytime soon - all because of one stupid mistake. What do you think? Is this public shaming going too far or is it deserved? Please take our poll, and tell us what you think in the comment section below! [poll id="97"] Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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