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Nutrabolt, the company that brings us the fitness supplement brand Cellucor (makers of C4), is not only bringing positivity into the life of its consumers, but it is also bringing life to its workplace and community. Related: Fitbit Culture: Don't Sit, Stay Fit! This fitness company understands the importance of developing a strong company culture, and all the aspects that go into having one. In addition to their amazing headquarters in Bryan, Texas, which includes a full workout facility, cafe, and zen garden (yes, a zen garden), Nutrabolt and its employees engage in something much more meaningful. They take pride in being heavily involved with multiple non-profit organizations. Simply put, they love giving back.

Philanthropic Efforts

Nutrabolt is an avid supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In support of the MDA, Nutrabolt teams up with the non-profit organization to put on events such as summer camp and craft days. Proceeds go toward research and help for families affected by the disease. They also show support for March of Dimes. This organization’s efforts go toward helping women have full and healthy pregnancies. The Nutrabolt team has shown support for this organization by raising funds and also taking part in the March of Dimes walk last year.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

In addition to donating money and time to non-profit organizations, the Nutrabolt Corporation also enjoys giving back to their community every year at Christmas time. Annually, Nutrabolt holds a toy drive to help families in the Bryan, Texas area have a happy and fulfilled Holiday. Nutrabolt encourages families in the area to submit a Christmas wish list to them with toys their children want. Once received, the team goes out to local toy stores and purchases the gifts for the families, so everyone has gifts under their tree for the very special holiday. Just last year, Nutrabolt was able to aid 90 families, allowing them all to have a great holiday with their loved ones.

Want To Be Like Nutrabolt?

You should - They understand exactly how to enact an amazing company culture, something that is sought after by all top talent looking to make a career move. After surveying our 1,000,000+ readers, we found that 88% are interested in switching jobs in 2015. If you want this top talent, consider developing your culture with more than just adding ping pong tables in the office, and start aligning your company with a great cause. Interested in being part of a great company, who promotes these values? Check out Nutrabolt’s job openings, and begin your new fulfilling career.

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