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Ready For A Franchise? Maximize Your Success By Making The Right Choice!

Ready For A Franchise? Maximize Your Success By Making The Right Choice!

You've made the decision to buy a franchise. The key question then becomes which one of the 3,000 franchises in the marketplace is right for you. The choice will make all the difference on whether your new business limps along or flourishes. Related: Everything You Need To Know To Succeed In Business You can maximize your chance for success by using two critical criteria.

  • Determine whether the role of the owner in the business suits your particular strengths and
  • Assess the quality of the franchise.
The beginning of your process will consist of exploring franchise types (there are more than you think), assessing your own strengths, and developing a list of possible options to investigate further. One of the key things you need to find out is what exactly are the owner's job responsibilities for each franchise.

The Role Of The Franchise Owner

What the owner does may be drastically different from what you may think. For example, maybe you've been thinking how you might like to open a little bakery or a little cafe because you love to bake and would love to have all your friends drop by for socializing and tea. But once you look more closely at what the owner of such a franchise does, you'll find the owner is mainly responsible for managing employees and marketing, focusing on building a customer base to grow revenue. Generally, the number one goal of the owner is to build the business, which allows you to earn a good income, have happy, productive employees and an ever-expanding customer base. On the flip side, you may find yourself veering away from types of businesses that at first sound unappealing, such as cleaning services — since you don't want to spend your days scrubbing and polishing — but the owners of firms like this should not be doing the cleaning work. Your job is to hire good, reliable employees and create a solid customer base for repeat business. Franchise companies will tell you upfront what the role of the owner is in the franchise. And you can further assess this by interviewing franchisees, both successful and unsuccessful ones, to learn about what their day-to-day responsibilities are. Bottom line: Don't make your choice based on preconceived notions about the business.

Match the role of the owner with your skills and experience.

So now that you know the owner's job profile, the question becomes, does this suit you? You want to create a realistic appraisal of your skills and experience so you get into a business where you can enjoy your work and apply your talent and skills for long-term success. Do a quick inventory of your skills and take into account your interests, since when you make a choice to build a business of your own, you want to like going to work! Are you proficient in and do you like:
  • Selling, which always includes selling yourself, as well as your products or services?
  • Managing people? Do you think you could learn how to do it?
  • Working with people or do you prefer working on your own?
  • Marketing, which might include advertising as well as making presentations?
  • Getting into the details or do you prefer to delegate?
  • Networking — creating links with people who can help you grow your business?
Once you get a handle on what types of activities you excel in and enjoy, you will have the information you need to make a good match with a franchise. Your research will tell you which franchises require which areas of expertise from the owner. Remember one of the attributes of a good franchise is its training and ongoing support. So even if you're not sure you know how to do something, if you have a feeling you could learn — and you might want to ask friends for their views — you might still go ahead. And, of course, you won't be buying a franchise that you haven't fully vetted for quality. Stay tuned for Part II on making the right choice.

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