Is Your Friends' Advice Ruining Your Career?

This article is going to be short and sweet. It also might be the most important piece of advice you get this year... about taking advice. Related: Getting Your Dream Job: What You Can Learn From Harry Potter You see, advice is a tricky thing. Most of us happily take it from our friends, family members, co-workers, and the Internet. But have you ever asked yourself whether that advice is working for you? Is it helping you get the results you want in life? Especially when it comes to success and your career, advice can be a dangerous thing. My Dad has one idea about success, and would give me different advice than my friends, co-workers, or boss. Each one may have valid ideas, but how do I know what works for me?

Let Me Tell You A Story…

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a golf pro. I absolutely loved the game, and I figured with a bit of work, I’d be good enough at it to go to school and become one. I knew they didn’t make a ton of money, but I didn’t care. I’d earn enough to live, I figured, and I would do what I loved - which was most important. I told one of my best friends this - we were getting close to graduating, so that’s all anyone was talking about. And I heard back from him about a week later. He had talked to his Dad about it, and got the feedback that I was a smart guy, and would essentially be wasting my talent by just becoming a golf pro. Of course, his Dad was an engineer, and now my friend is a geologist - so their advice makes sense… in their world. I didn’t listen to them right away, but eventually that sunk in, and I decided that no, I shouldn’t be a golf pro. I should go to business school instead - that would be a better use of my talents, and I’d make more money.

Bad Advice = The Worst Decisions Of Your Life

Now, I have no regrets, and I’ve found my way in life and my career, but there have certainly been times when I wish I would have pursued being a golf pro. And that’s not all - I can think of several other times when I’ve listened to other people’s advice - and the decisions I made as a result where the WORST ones I’ve made in my life. So, how about you? Have you listened to someone else and wound up with a less than desirable result? If so, you may want to consider adopting…

My Golden Rule Of Taking Advice

So, the question is, how do you make sure you only take the best advice - that’s going to help you the most in achieving YOUR goals? Here’s the golden rule:
Only take advice from people who are doing and getting what you want to do and get.
When I first heard this from a speaker at a conference - it absolutely blew me away in it’s simplicity and power. It’s become one of my core beliefs, and has completely changed my life. Don’t get me wrong - I still listen to everyone’s point of view and do my best to understand where they’re coming from. I just choose to evaluate the advice and the person it’s coming from very carefully before accepting it to ensure it’s actually going to help me. So, in your quest for success and your dream job (and anything else, really) - make sure you’re ONLY taking advice from people who are doing and getting what you want to do and get. On that note, my mentor, whose advice has helped my career more than I could ever express enough gratitude for, helped me get my dream job years ago, and now we’re sharing his teachings with the world in a free video. So, if you’d like a little more advice on how to get your dream job with an awesome company, then feel free to check out our free video with three valuable tips you can apply today, right here.

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