The Lazy Job Seeker’s Guide To Getting A Dream Job

The Lazy Job Seeker’s Guide To Getting A Dream Job

“You’re just being lazy!” my friend exclaimed. “Yes. But I’m also being smart," I replied. Actually, I wish the conversation was that simple and friendly. Related: Career Management: Are YOU Lazy? What had started out as me expressing my desire to live a simple, enjoyable life on my own terms - and find a smart way to work from wherever I wanted, on my own hours, doing something I loved (while making good money)... had turned into a full on verbal battle. It turns out that some “friends” don’t like talking about your dreams when they’re stuck in a crappy job they hate. I’m not sure where that old friend is today, but I know where I am. And I know that I couldn’t be more grateful for following my ‘laziness.' It was one of the smartest things I’ve done, and it led me to my dream job. Which brings me to the purpose of this article. Stick with me, because I’m going to give you the three steps to my lazy job seeker’s formula, as well as a free resource that’ll get you started on your search for your dream job.

The Lazy Job Seeker’s Guide To Getting A Dream Job

So, let’s dive right into the three steps of the lazy job seeker's guide to getting a dream job...

1. What Do You Really Want To Do?

Naturally, the first step towards getting your dream job is figuring out exactly what it is - in as much detail as possible. This is usually the hardest part for people - but imagine it as being the intersection of your values (what you want out of life), strengths (what you’re best at), and inspiration (what are you passionate about?). For example - I value the freedom to work my own hours from anywhere in the world. Empathy is a strong suit for me, and I love psychology, human behavior, and marketing… so, after LOTS of reflection, and trying and failing - I gravitated towards digital marketing. And what I’ve found on my journey is that the sooner you can figure out exactly what you want - down to the last detail - the sooner you’ll get it. So, what do you really want to do?

2. How Do You Get The Attention Of The Best Companies In Your Field?

Now that you’re through the hardest part, the rest is a breeze (somewhat). Here’s how I look at it:
  1. You want to thoroughly research your field and find the best company out there.
  2. Research that company thoroughly and make sure they align with everything you laid out in the first step of this guide.
  3. Knowing who they are, what they value, and what they’re looking for, create a custom proposal with an irresistible offer they won’t be able to refuse.
After all, once you’ve figured out exactly what you want to do and the company you want to work for - why would you leave things to chance and send in a boring, traditional resume? What you want to do is get creative. Depending on your field and the company, that could mean a variety of things, but people have done anything from creating YouTube cover letters to sending a hot air balloon with a proposal in it. The bottom line is this: Have some fun, and find a way to stand out.

3. Where Do You Find The Best Companies?

Now, the next piece is to begin your search. Most people will jump on the typical job sites and scan for positions that fit, but I encourage you to do something else... Head over here and grab a free resource guide revealing 14 very special job sites. These sites only contain listings with purpose-driven companies. See, there’s one piece I’ve left out so far. And that final key is to find a purpose-driven job with a purpose-driven company. That means that what you do makes a difference in the world, and the company you work for makes a difference as well as a profit. You’ll find some of the most inspiring companies in the world on these sites - so I encourage you to go check them out and start your job search there. Because if you’re given the choice between doing something that makes a real difference in the world vs. working a normal, boring job that only serves to profit some corporation that’s doing more harm than good… Then, why wouldn’t you choose the purpose-driven one? So, follow these three steps of my lazy job seekers guide, and take the next steps forward to getting a purpose-driven job you love. Happy job seeking! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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