How To Get The Type Of Job Everyone Wants

How To Get The Type Of Job Everyone Wants

The way I see it, there are three distinct ways to earn a living in life.

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They’re what I call ‘Lose-Win,’ ‘Neutral,' and ‘Win-Win-Win.' In this article, I’m going to show you why “Tri-Winning” jobs are the kind everyone wants… … And give you the best way to get one.

1. The “Lose-Win” Job

This is when you earn your living by working for a company that’s doing more harm than good in the world. Their products and services innately harm humanity and/or the planet, and their sole purpose is to make a profit - no matter the cost. It’s a ‘Lose-Win’ because the world as a whole loses, but the organization (and you) are winning by making a profit. Except it’s really only a partial win, because your only reward is a paycheck. If you’re working in this category, you might not like hearing this. However, understand that I get why many of us have had to work in this category for one reason or another. We need to pay the bills and take care of our families, and that’s ok. In fact, being able to easily find a job that earns an income and makes a difference is a relatively new development. My goal is to inspire and encourage you to get there. (By the way, there’s a free resource at the bottom that’ll show you how)

2. The “Neutral” Job

Earning a living doing something that’s neutral - where the business does pretty good in terms of being responsible, and you enjoy your work to some degree isn’t bad. It’s just not overly exciting or fulfilling. It’s not the best version of you. A neutral job is just fine in the short term, and I believe it’s where most people are. However, where I hope you’ll choose to spend your time and earn your living (one day soon) is in...

3. The “Tri-Winning” (Win-Win-Win) Job

In this type of job, everyone wins (and Charlie Sheen would be proud). The planet and humanity are made better by the work you and your organization do. The business thrives. And you earn a great living while absolutely loving what you do. Clearly, this is the job that everyone wants.

How To Get The Type Of Job That Everyone Wants

Now that I’ve convinced you to be “Tri-Winning,” how do you get started? Where do you look for the best companies, and how do you get noticed? Well, my good friend and mentor, Andrew Hewitt, founded an organization called the GameChangers 500. It’s a list of the world’s top For-Benefit companies. Translation? Win-Win-Win. GameChanging companies - like Patagonia, Whole Foods, Google, TOMS shoes, and more exist to make a profit and a difference in the world…And they care about empowering and engaging their employees. For instance, Patagonia employees (who love and care about preserving the outdoors) are given up to 2 months of paid leave time to work with an environmental group of their choice. You can also watch The Internship to get an idea of all the fun employees at Google have. The bottom line? The best place to start your job search is the GameChangers 500 list. But before you start sending out applications, you have to understand something. They’re not ordinary, traditional companies - and your traditional resume and job-seeking approach won’t work here. These are some of the most desirable organizations in the world, and they have a specific set of criteria for hiring.
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