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Want to know the sneakiest little lie you’re told that is one of the biggest things preventing you from getting what you want in life? Related: The Lazy Job Seeker’s Guide To Getting A Dream Job It’s all over the media. It’s ingrained in our culture. And it’s driven so deeply into your head that when you tell it to yourself, it makes sense. It has a good side though, like creating some fun times with family and friends... But ultimately, the root of it is what’s holding you back from fulfilling your dreams, getting the job you want, and living the life you deserve.

The Sneaky Little Lie Holding You Back

The root of this lie actually has more to do with how you see the world than anything else. That’s why it’s so effective, hard to discover, and difficult to change. However, in this article, I’ll give you some clarity on it - which is the most important piece - plus a couple of little tricks on how to combat it…

So here it is:

Tai Lopez, an investor, partner, consultant, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses calls it…

The 90% Rule

It means that most people focus on 10% of things in their life, when they should be focusing on the 90%. Seems simple, right? But wait… check out these examples and see if you’re a victim to this as well:
  • Ever grind your way through the work week just so you can get to the weekend?
  • How about push through a month or two so that you can take a one week vacation?
  • Or maybe stick with a job you hate for way longer than you wanted to so that you could get a bonus or raise?
If so, then you’re focusing on the 10% instead of working on improving the 90%! What it all comes down to is distraction. We distract ourselves from an unpleasant present situation by focusing on something better in the future… And while this can be a great way to get through short term challenges - it’s not an effective long-term solution for happiness and success.

How To Overcome The 10% & Get Your Dream Job

So what if, instead of suffering through another work day, week, month, or year by distracting yourself with the promise of something better in the future… You lived in the NOW. You focused on changing things NOW… and decided 100% that you’re no longer going to accept less than you deserve in your career and life. If you’re like me, you’ve found that time only seems to go faster and faster as you get older. So, all things considered, none of us have all the much time here to waste. A great first step to focusing on and changing the 90% - or what I call determining your “highest leverage move” is to figure out the single biggest thing making you unhappy at work - and how to improve it. Maybe you don’t need to get a new job - and all you need to do is take some courageous action to fix some situation at work. Or maybe it’s time you start getting your resume ready and look for something better. Next, reflect on what “game” you want to play in this life - and make sure it’s a game worth winning. For example, when I started out in my career after college, I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I decided that I needed to have a career that:
  • Would pay really well...
  • Would grant me time and location freedom so I could make my own schedule and work from anywhere in the world…
  • Would play to my strengths and passions, and allow me to contribute to the world.
That, to me, is a game worth winning, and I overcame significant challenges in order to make it happen. However, I wouldn’t have been able to if I wasn’t 100% clear on and dedicated to this vision. For more free info on how I got my dream job with a couple of millionaires (and a few simple tips for you to stand out with the most inspiring companies out there), check out my short, free video here. This post was originally published at an earlier date. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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