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3 Easy Steps To Getting A Purpose-Driven Job

3 Easy Steps To Getting A Purpose-Driven Job

Have you ever felt like you were meant to do something more? Like you’re capable of making a real, significant change in the world… Yet you don’t know what that is, or how to get there? Well, if you’re like the thousands of people working a job just to pay the bills, but wishing and knowing that you could be happier, more fulfilled, and go to bed at night feeling like you made a real difference with your efforts that day... Then you’re in luck. Because, in this article, I’m going to give you three easy steps to getting a purpose-driven job. As well as offer a special, one-time only opportunity to ask your biggest questions to one of the most qualified purpose-driven career experts on the planet.

3 Easy Steps To Getting A Purpose-Driven Job

So, let’s get started with the three easy steps to getting a purpose-driven job:

1. Look In The Right Places

There are thousands of fun, amazing, purpose-driven organizations out there that are making a profit as well as a difference - you just need to know where to find them. A great place to start is a website that lists the top purpose-driven companies in the world, called the GameChangers 500. I’ll tell you where to find 13 more sites like this in a variety of industries and areas in a moment, but first let’s get into Step 2.

2. Find The Perfect Fit

Step 2 is to find the company whose mission, culture, and values resonate with you the most. This is perhaps the most important element of getting hired by a purpose-driven company, because in order to get hired by an organization like this, you’re going to have to match their passion for their mission.

3. Make An Impact

Lastly, you need to know how to make an impact and get their attention. Job competition is fierce in most industries these days, but lucky for you - there are simple, proven ways to stand out and get the job. The best way to do this is to tailor your application as much as possible to the company you’re applying for.
  • Study their organization, values, culture, and the position they’re looking for, and use the same language they do in your application.
  • Tell them why you’re passionate about their mission, and how you’re going to add value and help them achieve it.
  • Do something creative to go above and beyond with your application and show them how much you want the job.
YouTube cover letters, personal blogs or websites, and custom designed applications are a few great examples of how to do this.

Your Special, One-Time Only Bonus

Now, I promised you that I’d tell you where to find 13 more job sites with thousands of purpose-driven job opportunities in a variety of fields and locations… And I actually have more added bonus to throw in there as well: It’s a one-time, live webinar with purpose-driven career expert and founder of the GameChangers 500, Andrew Hewitt. Andrew’s wisdom helped me land my dream dream a few years ago, and now we’ve partnered up to share that same wisdom with the world. There will be a 30-40 minute presentation going into detail on the unique approach to getting hired by or advancing in a purpose-driven org, and why it’s different than succeeding in a traditional corporation…

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About The Presenter

Andrew Hewitt was driven to make a difference after he witnessed hordes of his talented university friends strive for success in high status careers, only to find themselves disheartened by the profit-at-all-cost corporate mentality. To help his generation launch meaningful careers, Andrew set out to create the GameChangers 500 list. If the Fortune 500 was the benchmark of success in the 20th century, Andrew’s vision is for the GameChangers 500 to become that benchmark in the 21st century. Andrew has been recognized as one of Canada’s top young entrepreneurs, is a bestselling author, and a guest lecturer on Social Entrepreneurship at the United Nations University of Peace. After years of growing up in the snow, he now spends much of his time defrosting in Costa Rica and California.