How to Dress Up for Halloween at the Office

How to Dress Up for Halloween at the Office
Only one week until Halloween... scary, huh? October flew by! Are you planning on coming to work in costume? Is your office having a party? Halloween is a fun holiday, however, dressing up at the office can be extremely fun or incredibly awkward. Here are some things to remember when getting spooky at the office:

1. Keep it Office Appropriate

Remember, you're still at the office. Make sure you costume fits correctly and doesn't show too much skin. Halloween is a great excuse to show your co-workers a different side of your personality, not a different side of your body.

2. Check With Your Co-Workers

Every office has a different dynamic and different rules. If you're not sure what's office appropriate, talk to your co-workers or boss and find out what they plan to wear. This will give you a better idea of what's acceptable.

3. Don't Be THAT Guy (or Girl)

You know that guy... that guy who dresses up as a political character for the sole purpose of sparking controversy. Or that guy who comes into the office dressed in bubble wrap so every time he moves, the whole office knows. And, above all else, don't be that guy who makes rude comments about other people's costumes. Talk about a buzzkill. Image Credit: Shutterstock
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