Introducing The Happy Grad Project

You’ve always been told college is the best time of your life, and everything changes once you’ve graduated and set foot into the “real world.” The “real world” has always had this scary, negative connotation to it. But why?

– 1.6 million undergraduates expected to graduate in 2014
– 44% of recent grads are underemployed
– 2013 grads average $35,200 in college-related debt
– 36% of young adults ages 18-31 live with their parents

Here’s what some students are saying about finding a job after college.

The Happy Grad Project will unite recent grads, encourage them to get excited for their next step, and prepare them for their life and career.

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  1. Hi Amy, great questions and insights! It is difficult for all of us, no matter where we are in our careers, to find the balance that appeases all facets of our busy lives. This particular project IS geared more toward new grads, but we do have ongoing content throughout the site for more established workers.

    That having been said – everyone should be happy at work. We spend a minimum of 8 hours a day and if salaried, 12 or more hours per day working. It is not going to make a happier home life to come home to your family after all those hours of stress and unhappiness – quite the opposite! Too many of us work just because we are expected to or for a pay check and are often surprised when there is suddenly no more work, business, or the industry tanks altogether.

    Instead, if you can focus on what you enjoy, how you want your work day to be and use your current position as a stepping stone to another more fulfilling, less stressful position, it can make things more tolerable at work and you would be surprised what a difference it makes at home!

    What do you love to do? What are you good at? How would you like to spend your workday? All good questions you are worthy of asking yourself. Take Care, Mary

    PS – you may find my contribution to the Happy Grad Project of interest:

  2. I think the happy grad project is great, but what about those of us in Gen X that wish we could be happier at work? I want my college hires to be happy and live balanced lives but it seems to be happening at the expense of those of us stuck in the middle. If “tough love” and “paying your dues” stops with me where does that leave me? At the office until midnight? Would love to see you direct some advice at both groups for working better together and maybe include in your new grad tips that while boundaries are important you will make your stressed out boss resent you if you are too unwilling to compromise; that meeting in the middle will go a LONG way to build trust and establish a better long term functional team. This divide has caused big issues in our office and is a seldom addressed topic that I want to learn more about and get a discussion going on.


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