Lindsey Pollak

Best-selling author, Millennial career expert, and spokesperson for The Hartford’s My Tomorrow campaign

POST: Graduates: Plan Ahead To Protect Your Potential

Ryan Kahn

Founder of The Hired Group, star of Hired on MTV, and author of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad.

POST: 5 Secrets To Landing A Job After Graduation

Lauren Berger

CEO & Founder of

POST: Recent Grads: Put On Your Boxing Gloves

Alexandra Levit

Co-founder and board member of DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board. Author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to the Business World.

POST: The Secret To Success In The ‘Real World’

Gala Jackson

Millennial Expert, Résumé Writer, and Career Consultant, and owner InterviewSnob

POST: How To Activate Your Network As A Recent Grad

Kate White

Former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, NYT Best-Selling Author/Career Expert/Keynote Speaker

POST: Smart Job Interview Advice No One Ever Tells You

Victoria LoCascio

Certified Résumé Writer and President of The Aces Company

POST: How Recent Grads Can Leverage LinkedIn To Get A Job

Crystal Washington

Social media marketing strategist, international speaker, and the author of The Social Media WHY.

POST: A Grad’s Most Valuable Resource—A Viable Network

Christie Mims

CEO Revolutionary Club

POST: This Trick Will Make New Grads Lots Of Money

Marianne Grady

Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), President of Rise Above Resources

POST: 3 Things All Recent Grads Need To Do When Job Searching

Dani Monroe

Internationally known thought leader, speaker, and author of Untapped Talent: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce

POST: 3 Ways To 'Use Your Time Wisely' After College

Amanda Haddaway

Author of Destination Real World: Success after Graduation and Interviewer Success

POST: New Grads: Be The Employee You Would Hire

Rochelle Moulton

Chief Branding Officer at Be Unforgettable Media, Inc.

POST: Why Grads Should Continue Learning After College

Pamela Paterson

College instructor and consultant, and author of the Amazon bestseller, Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search

POST: Why Personal Branding Is Essential For Getting A Job

Krystal Hicks

Associate Director of Employer Outreach and Career Support, University of New Hampshire

POST: How Recent Grads Can Become Seasoned Competitors

Ryan Niessen

Co-creator of The Gateway Method

POST: How An Obvious Idea Guaranteed A Student’s Success

Erica Tew

Certified Professional Resume Writer for the State of CT and administrator of the blog “CT Career Guidance”

POST: How To Effectively Expand Your Network For Job Search Success

Jenny Yerrick Martin

Entertainment career expert, veteran hiring executive, and founder of

POST: The Secret To Being The 'Right Fit' For A Job

Teddy Burriss

Social Networking Coach, author, public speaker, and Certified Career Transition Coach

POST: Why 'Never Talk To Strangers' Is Bad Advice For Grads

Crista Tharp

Award-winning event planner, author, and speaker.

POST: Graduates: DARE To Live An Extraordinary Life

Fred Cook

CEO of the award-winning public relations firm GolinHarris

POST: Why Happy Grads Need To Be Brave Grads

Angela Jones

TORI Award Winning Resume Writer

POST: 6 Skills That Help Recent Grads Win Over Hiring Managers

Steven Steinfeld

Career and job search coach to students, recent grads, and professionals. Author of 3 Steps to Your Best Job Ever! and 3 Steps to Your Job in the USA.

POST: Why The Job Search Process Is Similar To Dating

Dorothy Tannahill Moran

Leadership & Management Career Coach

POST: Don’t Leave School Without THIS

Deborah Shane

Award-winning Top 100 Small Business Champion, Top 100 Small Business Podcast, and Top Small Business Book by

POST: How To Build An Effective 'Marketing Yourself Plan'

Elisa Sheftic

President & Managing Partner at Right Executive Search LLC

POST: How A 'One-Upper Mindset' Can Help Recent Grads Stand Out

Sandy Demarest

Certified Job and Career Transition Coach

POST: #1 Job Search Strategy All Recent Grads Should Use

Sheila Curran

CEO of Curran Consulting Group, and a career consultant and author

POST: For Career Success In 2014, Think Like An Employer

Damien Butler

Leadership Coach & Mentor

POST: Why It’s Important For Grads To Have Core Values

Lisa Adams

Career Coach, management Trainer, workshop Speaker.

POST: How Mentors Can Help Grads Get Their Dream Job

Mary Sherwood Sevinsky

Career expert & author

POST: What My First Client Taught Me About Career Happiness

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