Do You Have The Company Cool Factor?

A recent study indicates the recruiting practices of hiring managers are boring. Yep. Boring. This article challenges recruiters to get creative when it comes to looking for the best talent. I couldn’t agree more! What the article points out quite well is that when you use a unique method for attracting talent, you are able to access a larger audience because you... Don’t have as much competition for their attention. Can reach the passive job seeker who isn’t proactively looking for a new position but just might be interested in changing careers if the opportunity presents itself.

The Smart Recruiter’s Approach To Standing Out

Introducing Co.Co.Fa. - short for “Company Cool Factor.” It’s the secret sauce of an employer. It’s what makes them a good place to work. We aren’t talking about perks and benefits here, we are talking about the work itself. Companies that want to attract top talent know it’s their “Co.Co.Fa.” that draws the best candidates to them - like a moth to a flame.

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When most people think of Nike, they think of shoes, retail stores, and, of course, athletes. That's all true, but there's more. Behind Nike's walls, you'll find the doers and thinkers who design, create, and innovate every day. There are also data scientists who discover and leverage athlete insights to create the future of sport.

You might be surprised to learn about the impact you can have in Data & Analytics at Nike versus at a major tech giant. Nike employees get to work on a wide array of challenges, so if you're obsessed with math, science, computers, and/or data, and you love sport, these stories may inspire you to work at Nike.

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Employee loyalty is something every company longs for. It's estimated employee turnover costs as much as 130-200% of an employee's salary. When a talented, knowledgeable, trained employee leaves, it's bad for business. And, when lots of them leave, it can be the kiss of death.

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If you saw our first video, you might have heard about the interview situation one of our viewers, Remi submitted. He was in an interview and was asked the question: How many cows are there in Canada right now? - What a weird question but this is a technique that some hiring managers are using these days.

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If you saw our first video, you might have heard about the awkward situation one of our viewers, Kevin submitted. He is a college student who's working a part time job to make ends meet. The manager/owner of the company has become a micro-manager who watches him work on camera and reads his company emails. A bit over the top wouldn't you say?

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