6 Reasons Why Top Employers Hire Veterans

6 Reasons Why Top Employers Hire Veterans

Veterans make promising hires in any industry post-military service, but as we often find out, it can be hard to track down the employers who are most willing to hire you. Despite the challenges often associated with translating the experience of your military service to civilian work, there are some employers who just get the value in hiring you - whether or not they recognize everything on your resume.

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Jim Magruder, Member of Alinian Capital Group, Majority owner of Foss Manufacturing, a leading American textile company, is a veteran himself and cites his service in the Vietnam War as the basis for his interest in hiring other veterans. Referencing his experience in the military and with veterans in the civilian workforce, Jim explains that the reasons for which an employer would seek veterans as prospective hires are plentiful: “Most military veterans have been taught the meaning of accountability, integrity, responsibility and a strong work effort. They have a sense of team and the importance of teamwork.” No matter what division of the military you served in, your rank, or your responsibilities, it’s likely that you bring one or more of the following attributes to the table as an employee. Being in the military has influenced you in ways that not every civilian has encountered through previous jobs, and it’s often because of the common reasons Jim described that top employers recognize your potential and want you to join their teams. Do these sound familiar?

6 Reasons Why Top Employers Hire Veterans

1. Specialized Skills

You’ve developed specialized skills that will be helpful in a wide variety of industries. Depending on your role in the military, you might have a strong leadership background or the potential to lead. Some veterans have infantry experience while others became involved in computer science or even nursing. While these may seem like very specific areas of expertise, what’s most important is that you can find ways to expand on them in your civilian work. Either by using your learned skills directly or by leveraging your experience to learn new skills, veterans have demonstrated that they are more than capable of learning a specialized job and performing at a high level. To help employers understand how your experience applies, be sure to spend some time explaining how your skills translate to another job. The top employers who want to hire veterans recognize that your military skills apply in more ways than one.

2. Strong Work Ethic

Individuals who enter the military sacrifice a lot to ensure that its country is protected. In any branch and in any role, anything less than your top performance isn’t accepted and strong work ethic is commonly associated with those who serve. For this reason, top employers understand that no matter what skills you bring to the team, you’re going to bring a commitment to learn and succeed in your position. Your performance and willingness to get the job done won’t go unnoticed!

3. Accountability

This trait goes hand in hand with your work ethic, which is why employers expect the veterans they hire to have it. Not only do veterans work hard, but they work responsibly. As a rule, if someone isn’t doing their job correctly, the success - and safety - of the entire team is on the line. Employers can expect that most veterans will take accountability for their work and actions; which is admirable in any field.

4. Loyalty

Without loyalty to your country, your comrades, and your leaders, your service would be more challenging. When veterans enlist, they show their ability to sacrifice time and effort for a country they’re loyal to and their ability to demonstrate loyalty to people with whom they develop relationships. Although civilian employers will ask for smaller sacrifices, they still want team members who are willing to give their best effort because they care about the cause and values of the company and the people who build it. As a veteran, you’re prone to demonstrating your loyalty. Doesn’t it make sense to look for an employer who values that quality in its employees?

5. Teamwork

Without teamwork and collaboration, the military couldn’t succeed. Each branch has its own troops and structure, but what remains constant is the need for teamwork. Every veteran learned how to put the greater needs of the team first, and contribute to a shared end-goal. By showing that they can cooperate and work with others, veterans show civilian employers that they’re capable of seeing a company’s bigger picture and how their individual roles impact it.

6. Integrity

What employer doesn’t want to see in its team the qualities of honesty, sincerity, and fairness? Some veterans come by their integrity naturally while others learned the quality by serving with honor. The important distinction that veterans carry, though, is that they demonstrate integrity through their actions and service that would make most employers proud to have you on their side.

Top employers will benefit from seeking out these qualities and have a great chance of finding them within skilled veterans.

When they recognize this, employers are better positioned to get involved in veteran hiring events, market to veterans, and ease your transitions. If you’re a veteran in search of an employer like this, make sure to look for a company that values these traits and come prepared by putting your best job search forward. Jim further explains that, at Foss Manufacturing, they look to veterans to make the difference on their teams by becoming talent that stays with the company for years to come. His advice to veterans looking for a position in the civilian workforce? “Push your support systems. Don’t accept mediocrity from the government, your mentors, or employers who don’t recognize your value. Be the tall poppy [and stand out.].”

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