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Let Your Hobbies Lead You To Fulfilling Careers

Let Your Hobbies Lead You To Fulfilling Careers

Identify Who You Are

There are two different types of people in this world. There are those that recognize their strengths and know exactly what they want to do professionally. These people decided their future when they were in sixth grade, and they spent the remainder of their education learning towards their degree in order to start on their profession. They read books on the subject, they wrote papers on the study, and they go to work day after day loving the work they do. There are those people, and then there are folks like me. Mr. Baz Luhrmann said it best in a song he released in 1999, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen):" “Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life… the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.” If you can familiarize yourself with the latter, continue reading and allow me to unlock the key to your happiness.

The Most Important Decision Of Your Life

Just because people like me didn’t always know what they were meant to do in life, doesn’t mean they can’t be happy. In fact, I made the decision long ago I am not willing to be just another number in the percentage of people unhappy with their employment, just because I didn’t know what job I was best suited for. I always worked hard and I always did well, but still I moved around through a number of different professions before I found myself where I am today.

Focusing On An Industry

As opposed to focusing on the profession, which is what most do, I tried a different approach. I looked for an industry as a whole that looked interesting to work in. This wasn’t easy, and it took some time but when it hit me, if felt as if someone had taken a hammer to my head. When my wife told me she wanted to “upgrade her engagement ring” I thought she was nuts. At the time, a one sparkly diamond was just as good as another. Why was there a need to change? Furthermore, when she told me she wanted something different from all other woman, something that stands out above the rest, I figured I would need to remortgage my house just to buy a new ring. That was, until I found out about fancy yellow diamonds. More than that, I began to read up on the subject and learn a little about the trade of fancy color diamonds. I began asking questions in different online forums and eventually learned enough to start providing answers on my own. The idea is to simply look at an industry that interests you. Think about your hobbies and what you enjoy on your time off. Whether it’s electric cars, the newest mobile applications, sports, or even Poker – consider the industry as a working profession.

Recognizing How Your Talents Mesh With Fulfilling Careers

Consider yourself lucky you live in a time when education lies at your fingertips. Some people are better at problem solving, while others prefer sales or marketing techniques. My wife thinks I am crackers because I can sit and watch the shopping network. As funny as some infomercials can be, I find the sales techniques used by the actors fantastic. Item after item, subject after subject, they manage to convince the world that those products are the most required item in the universe; and really, how many vegetable cutters does one need! What’s in the content or images you share with your friends? Which advertising banners do you click on most and what do you do with the material once you see it? Do you think about how to make the sale better? Do you look for the problems with the products design? Think about the talents you have and the potential you hold. Read about the trade through blogs and forums and start asking questions to people who offer information. Use the social platforms available to learn and start taking hold of your future career.

Know You Have What To Offer

People are amazing, but sometimes they don’t realize the abilities they have. Allow yourself to imagine and explore and begin concentrating on what subjects look interesting and what material you read. I accidentally realized how interesting the diamond trade was to me. I began learning more and more and decided to start writing material for others to use. I am not a graduated gemologist, and I still can’t identify where all the inclusions are in a stone. However, I understand a lot about diamonds and I enjoy reading the interesting diamond facts other people publish. I recognized that good ideas are part of what makes business work, and my unique ideas are just as good, if not better than others. I now understand what I have to offer and can identify what others do as well. The diamond industry is incredibly diverse and there is no end to the type of people who work in the field. Only a short time in the industry and I understand enough about how to buy blue diamonds to discuss with other professionals. I still have a lot to learn, but never cease to listen to what others have to say. Article written by Jonathan PetersonCareer hobbies image from Stock.xchng
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