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I get asked this question all the time inside CareerHMO, “J.T., given my situation, how long do you think my job search will take?” As you can imagine, I can’t predict an exact number. I can tell you there is a simple rule of thumb that has been around for years in my industry that goes like this: For every $10,000 you want to make in salary, expect one month of job search.

$40,000/year = 4 months $100,000/year = 10 months

However, this formula comes with a big, BUT... You see, it’s an estimate for job search in a “good” economy, and right now, things aren’t so good. So, you could as much as double that number. I know, pretty scary, right?

Well, Here’s Some Good News...

While it’s true that this is based on job hunting in a good economy, it’s also based on people using outdated techniques for job search (i.e. applying to jobs online), which means those that can learn the “new rules” for job search can speed up the process and beat out the competition.

Don’t Believe Me?

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