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How does Employer Branding work?

Employer Branding is when a business shares information and resources about what it's like to work at their company to help applicants better evaluate and understand the work opportunities at their firm. When done right, it creates an interactive way for candidates to connect with the employer more easily. The results are more applicants and an easier recruitment process. Who doesn't love that? A win-win for job seekers and hiring managers! We've carefully refined a process that incorporates the power of LinkedIn so we can help you find your next great employee even faster than ever before. Here's the process we use to help you get results:

1. Assess company and talent attributes.

We take a look at the strengths and weaknesses your company has and find out what it would take to land the right new hires. With a few advanced techniques, we can ensure that plenty of qualified candidates make it through the first round of our method.

2. Identify and create the right tools to market the Employer Brand.

Through the five crucial Employer Branding Components, photos, videos, and other content topics/formats, we share your company's soul with kindred souls (aka the job seekers who are the best match for you).

3. Set-up monitoring and continuous optimization of the Employer Brand.

We deliberately craft a system that allows you to examine how your content marketing efforts are going. Through our suggestions and your own ideas, we can improve the campaign on-the-fly without sacrificing any quality.

4. Develop a systematic candidate selection process.

With the right tools (like LinkedIn Recruiter), we can establish an easy-to-follow checklist of to-dos and standards, so you always know how many steps you are away from Day 1 for your next team member.

Does this sound like a good fit for you?

Then check out our new online course, "How to Launch a Killer Employer Brand" where we show you step by step how to do the above. And, it comes with 60 days of online support from our team of Employer Brand experts. CLICK HERE to learn more...     Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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