How To Explain Job-Hopping To A Recruiter

Woman talks to a recruiter via a video call

So your looking for a job need to explain to a recruiter why you've been job-hopping. How can you effectively explain your job-hopping habit without disqualifying yourself as a job candidate?

The Best Way To Explain Job-Hopping To A Recruiter

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Well, first, you need to understand job-hopping from the recruiter's point of view. To a recruiter, job-hopping is a red flag. They're worried that, if they do hire you for a position, you're going to ditch the company six months later because that's a pattern in your work history.

In order to effectively explain job-hopping to a recruiter, you need to revise your work history by filling in the gaps.

For each job, a recruiter wants to know:

  • What did you learn?
  • What did you experience?
  • How did you grow your skills?
  • What made you leave your job and move to the next one? (What opportunity was at that next job? What was the next thing that you were going to learn there?)

Walk the recruiter through your job-hopping history by talking about what you learned and how you learned even more at the next job. When you get to the current situation, you then look at them and say, "For those reasons, I'm now very clear in the value that I can bring and what I want in a job. And I am looking to stay put. And so while I know it looks like I've been job-hopping, I believe that that journey brought me to this moment where I have all the experience that I need to stay here and do a really good job for you."

That's what recruiters need to hear. If you follow this strategy, your job-hopping habit won't prevent you from landing your next job.

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