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How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired Abroad

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired Abroad

So, you’ve had it with your current living situation and the desire to travel burns deep within your secret heart. Do you dare live out your dream of moving overseas and starting over?

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If you’re to build a life or career in an entirely new part of the world, you’ll need to be proactive in the way you go about it. Here are a few tips that might help you increase your chances of getting hired abroad.

1. Do Your Research

There’s a few of you rolling your eyes right now but this is so important. Are you moving to a city? Learn about it. Online maps will help you get your bearings, so when you start applying for jobs in places you’ve never been before, you’ll have an idea as to their whereabouts. This will also allow you to figure out where these places are in relation to where you’re staying and extrapolate travel times from there.

2. The Internet Is Your Best Friend

Turn the Internet to your advantage, much like you would at home. Have you made travel arrangements? Do you know which airport you’re flying into? How much is the flight and lodging going to cost? Will you need a car when you get there? Sites like FCM Travel Solutions, Webjet, or will help you get there. Additionally, job search sites and online newspapers can be beneficial and go a long way to negating the distance issue. Is there an industry the city is known for? Cars? Tech? Fashion? Don’t be picky - tailor your applications to maximize your chances.

3. Be Transparent

Make sure your prospective employers are aware that you intend to move internationally. Also, let them know that you won’t require relocation assistance - you’ll appear far more motivated than someone who does and this could give you the edge you’re after when you’ve found a job you’re keen on.

4. “Be. Aggressive. Be. Be. Aggressive.”

This move will open up massive networking opportunities. While researching, you should be singling out the companies that you’d be keen to get on board with. Get proactive and touch base with their HR departments. Ensure your applications are submitted correctly. Introduce yourself and make connections. Even if this approach doesn’t land you a gig immediately, you’re still actively establishing a network of contacts that might lead you to more and better ones as you settle into your new digs.

5. Local Universities And Career Centers

Irrespective of your being a student or not, most community colleges and universities operate career centers that are of enormous benefit to people who are looking for work. Most will be more than happy to help you perfect your applications and line up interviews. They’ll be useful in helping you build that network of contacts, too. These are but a handful of hints that will, with luck, make your search for a new job overseas a bit easier - particularly if you’re stuck in the planning stage. Perseverance and time are all that’s required here. Keep digging. Keep looking. Stay flexible and check in as often as you can.
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