Single & Looking: How To Network Your Way Into A New Job

Professional woman networks her way into a new job

You're a total catch, we know! Unfortunately, your potential employer may not. So, how can you get their attention and keep them intrigued throughout the hiring process?

Rejection stings, whether it's by a lover or employer, which is why we encourage you to ditch your pity party and learn what it takes to get you closer to landing that wonderful opportunity that's been on your radar.

For all the jobless ladies and men out there on the hunt for a prospective employer, don't forget that:

Employers Are People, Too

Man reaching out to hiring manager on LinkedIn


Behind the rigorous job application process, starting with the resume, cover letter, interview, and then follow-up, applicants tend to forget that hiring managers are just people, too.

They have the best interest of their employer at mind. Their primary goal is to simply find a candidate that will be successful, boost company morale, and help them receive a solid return on their investment of hiring you!

Remember, it takes almost 150% of the new employee's annual salary to train and on-board them. That's quite a chunk!

Before you plummet down a hole of depression and self-defeat, here's what you can (and should) do to get that someone special's (aka hiring manager's) attention...

Reach out to them on LinkedIn and make a professional connection by:

Being polite and persistent in your approach. Don't come off as desperate, but seek to build a sincere connection with this person. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is on it's A game and in the right format.

There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Group of professionals networking during their job search


This can be a good and bad thing. While you're applying for that specific role, so are hundreds, if not thousands, of other people.

For a hiring manager, it's nearly impossible to reach out to every single person, read every resume, and be diligent in their follow-up approach. This doesn't make them rude, grouchy Grinches.

For an applicant, however, this also means that there a great deal of other employers out there willing and interested in connecting. So, the next time one employer rejects you, do not start doubting your professional capabilities. Just know it wasn't meant to be and move on.

The sooner you stop loathing your failed attempts, the closer you'll get to finding that special employer who values your capabilities and wants to give you the time of day.

Being Diligent Matters

Woman networking the right way during her job search


Just like in the dating world, it only takes one faulty move to flush a potentially great relationship down the toilet.

So, ask yourself, are you networking the right way? Or are you, in any way, self-sabotaging your potential to find someone great? Some pointers to consider:

  • What does your online presence say about you (social media, LinkedIn, photos)?
  • How often do you connect with others on LinkedIn?
  • Do you engage with others' posts?
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