The Importance of Writing a Good Resume

The Importance of Writing a Good Resume

Could you write a winning resume right now if you had to? While most believe they can, the fact of the matter is that the majority of resumes turned in to employers and other hiring services never even make past the automation process, and thus aren't even read by real people. This is a huge problem that plagues the workforce in today’s modern age, but there are ways around it. If you do not have the skill-set to write a proper resume, then letting a quality company handle it for you just might be the difference in getting hired and getting overlooked again. If you need professional help, there are affordable resume-writing services available for you, and with different online coupons, you won’t have to pay a lot.

But before you go with any type of service, take a few minutes to understand why having a great resume is so important to your employment chances.

Reasons You Need a Great Resume

Readability and succinctness are things everyone know about when it comes to writing a proper resume. So you don’t need your intelligence insulted by reading about how a resume should be formatted here. There are bigger points to focus on, which you will read about below.

Specific Skills Needed

This is the most obvious point that people know they need to list on their resume, but it’s also the most common area where people fail to address the issue correctly. It goes without saying that you need to display a specific skill for a specific job, but how you relay this to the reader is just as important as what you know. If you cannot get the message across that you can do the job, you’re not going to be interviewed, much less hired. This is where a professional service can help you relay that message.

Company Familiarity Needed

It needs to come through on the resume that you’re familiar with the company. A lot of people tend to believe that you only need the company familiarity upon an interview. Well, this might help explain the high unemployment numbers out there. Employers want the best of the bunch, and unless your resume shows that you have familiarity with the brand, it might be overlooked time and again.

Quick, Lasting Impression Needed

A great resume should relay to the person in charge of hiring that you’re the right employee for the job in well under a minute. That means a great resume needs to get straight to the point and highlight every strong characteristic you have. Most people tend to ramble on while going heavy on the prose, so this is another reason why having your resume written for you is a smart idea. You may be overzealous with wanting to highlight your strong points, resulting in a run-on format that no one reads.

Strong Reference Category Needed

No, it’s not just enough to list a few references. You have to list them in a reader-friendly way that lets the reader get the true point of what you’re listing and why you’re listing it. The average person writing a resume doesn’t list their references correctly; they either get too longwinded in the relationship or they fail to even list their best references to begin with. Companies need your strongest references pertaining to the position you want, not just the people who will speak highly of you. The thing about writing a resume personally is that you are inclined to ramble and to highlight points that you believe are important. A company doesn’t care about that stuff; a company only cares about how you will fit in with their system. This is why a resume-writing service might pay off. Image Credit: Shutterstock